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About a month ago, I finally got to try out Powell’s very own Switchback Gloves. During these past few weeks I have put them to the test as I played in men’s league games in Buffalo and Sr. B box lacrosse games in Canada where they were really put through the ringer.

The Switchbacks are a reflection of the hardworking and creative brand of lacrosse the Powell Brothers played from the backyard all the way to National Championships and the World Games. The Switchbacks are the finest pair of gloves I have had the pleasure to wear in my 14 years of playing lacrosse.

I say this after wearing five other lacrosse companies’ gloves from elementary school to Division 1 college lacrosse. Those gloves were always comfortable enough and performed well enough, but I cannot remember any pair where when I put them on for the first time I said “woah” out loud like I did when I put on the Switchbacks. The Switchbacks have broken in the fastest, been the most comfortable, allowed me to feel my stick the best, and just plain look good.

The day I got my black Switchback Gloves in the mail I had to take them out of the box and throw them straight into my bag because I had to drive to my box lacrosse game. The first time I wore them was during warmups inside of a hot arena north of Toronto. They immediately stretched and formed to my hands as I started throwing passes and shooting. By the end of warmups, I was already forgetting about any worries I had wearing new gloves in the game. They were ready to go. I got slashed, hacked, crosschecked, and slammed into the boards and my hands didn’t feel a thing as I won faceoffs and transitioned the ball up the floor.

As a faceoff guy I have had countless pairs of gloves form holes easily as I grinded the palms from twisting and battling, but in the month that I have had the Switchbacks I don’t see any sign of holes forming anytime soon. I only see the palms getting more worked in to fit the shaft better in my grip and forming to my hand to make them unique to me.

The next game I played was the exact opposite conditions as it was a cool evening in Buffalo that turned into pouring rain. Gloves I have had in the past get heavy and make it hard to handle your stick in the rain, but the Switchbacks stood up to the weather like a reliable pair of boots. I was still able to handle my stick as if it wasn’t raining at all and whatever water they did absorb I barely felt a difference. I hung them up to dry that night and by the next day they were dry and ready to go for another box game I had to play that day.

There are no gimmicks or shortcomings with the Switchbacks. They are built to do their job and do it well.

In the past, lacrosse gloves always had some kind of crazy design or vent system. Many were bulky, the palms would get crusty and break apart, holes formed easily, or had a weak spot where they didn’t protect fingers from checks. It seemed like companies were more worried about the gloves being flashy than being functional or protective.

The Switchback gloves are exactly what a lacrosse glove needs to be: comfortable, durable, and has a palm that is thin enough to naturally feel the stick, but strong enough to last game after game with little wearing down. The design is simple, but has still has my teammates saying “those are sick” because of how clean looking they are.

I have been using the Switchback Gloves for a month and have played in a dozen games, taken a couple hundred faceoffs, pushed these gloves to the limit. I cannot wait to continue to play confidently in the months to come with gloves that make it easy to play the game that I love.

Get the Switchback Lacrosse Glove

There are a couple great ways to try the Switchback Lacrosse Glove for yourself. Pick up a pair in white or black, or bundle it with the Switchback Complete Stick (Attack or defense setup) at an unbelievable combo price. Let us know what you think!

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