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“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” ― Francis of Assisi

This is a quote I received from my great friend Bill Kelly (BK) a couple days ago. It really hit me hard. I met BK a few years back in Jax Beach.  I was living on the other side of Florida in Siesta Key at the time when life led me to Jacksonville for a couple days.  I was in town filming a short documentary with Pat Harnett on the Jacksonville skateboard, art and lacrosse scene.  I met BK on the last day of shooting and felt an immediate connection with him. BK is a blue collar artist that owns and operates a screen printing operation on the beach. He’s the man. DSC091504

He gave me a tour of his shop and walked me through the process of silk screening.  His shop is super punk rock with ink splattered walls mixed in with sharpie drawings.  I immediately loved the vibe, the process and quality of their work. BK is an avid waterman who grew up surfing and playing lacrosse on Long Island. He knows me well enough by now to know that I am a “doer” and it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at this whole screen printing situation. I can’t help it, I just love making things with my hands. 

Silk screening is an ancient activity that is very straightforward at its core but super detailed the deeper you dive in.  I love poster art.  My rooms have always been covered in posters and art prints. There is something about the age old process of silk screening by hand that still gets me going and looks so cool. So I dove in, built a screen printing press, bought paper, ink and screens.

There are a few historic lacrosse prints that I love and have hanging in the Woodshop as we speak.  Some are early Native American prints and others are Syracuse Santiago’s and Conge’s.  I want to continue to explore the relationship between America’s oldest sport and artistic expression. I feel like lacrosse poster art is a very cool space that gives us, as a community, a cool way to show our love and passion for the sport.DSC091503

I have partnered this limited edition Woodshop collection with frames that I hand made from wooden lacrosse shafts. We as a brand and a family are committed to providing only the very best lacrosse products that are thoughtful, creative and made to last. We take great pride in doing things ourselves and doing them the right way.  We look at every area of our business as an incredible opportunity to enhance the game through the creation of world class products, focused vision and unbreakable relationships with our costumers. Continuing down the path of our commitment to craftsmanship, please enjoy this Woodshop series and look for many more screen printed projects coming down the pipe.  As always, we encourage all of you to get out try some of these projects on your own and express yourselves!

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