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It’s almost scary how often the same players that stress about heads and pockets, don’t pay much attention to the part actually between their hands. Guys will cut long-poles in half, grab something out of a buddy’s bag, or pick up at sporting goods wholesale and just screw it in. Admittedly, the shaft isn’t likely the most important part of the lacrosse stick, but it can have a significant impact on your game. The shaft is a lever, a simple machine, and when you are fit with the right one, you cut down the workload.

But there’s so many options, where do I even start?

We broke our shafts down into essentially three options. Don’t worry, it’s intimidating to all of us, but it’s really simple.

7U1 and 7U1+ Alloy

There’s two handles in the alloy (a mixture of metals) category designed for the ideal strength to weight ratio. The Switchback 7U1 and the Nomad 7U1+ are focused on players that play fast and need a stick to keep up. 7U1 is Powell’s proprietary alloy meant to feel incredibly light, look sharp, and actually take a beating.

The Nomad features a slight weight drop from the Switchback, not cutting back on the durability. From the day you start playing, until you’re ripping the corners in the big leagues, these two get it done.

Composite (Carbon Fiber)

When you need to beef things up, there’s the option to hop over to a composite handle. Mighty Black is one mean dude. There’s something about it that just feels so alive in your hands, so… mighty. It has a thickness about it that gives you the confidence to throw your hardest checks, but at 150 grams, you can snag that loosie and send it sailing back at the goalie, all before the guy realized he lost it.

The catch is a bit different too, you feel it the energy transfer through the carbon fiber, flexing with impact. When you’re ready to go 10 rounds with the best of them, so is Mighty Black.

Sc+Ti (Scandium + Titanium)

If the leap away from metals doesn’t fit right, try to say no to the Bloodline. Two metals, Scandium and Titanium, come together for the absolute perfect marriage of strength to weight. There’s a reason this is the only shaft Powell makes in Attack, Goalie, and Defense, it’s “the one” for just about everybody.

The finish provides the most subtle grip to get your hands set before launching a rocket, yard sailing a guy, or robbing a kid of his cookies. When you two collide, it’s going to be his stick snapped in two, not yours.

But how do I know until I feel it?

The market can be scary and budgets are tight, we get that. We’re lacrosse players, we’ve all been through it. There’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all handles, ensuring you’re always getting the right fit. Once you know it’s the right one, a One Year Warranty gives you the peace of mind to break it in early and keep grinding hard all season long.

It’s hard to imagine the amount of lacrosse sticks the Powell Lacrosse team has used in their life. With sticks in our hands since day one, by now we know what makes good ones good and great ones great. It shouldn’t be about making good lacrosse sticks, so our mission is to make the best. That includes not over saturating the industry with more and more lesser options, but four unique shafts, in three different categories to give the players exactly what they need, not more of what they don’t.

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