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In the recent era of specialization in lacrosse, there is one type of player that is becoming harder to find, but valued more than ever as the shot clock becomes the norm at all levels.

The player who rarely comes off the field and coaches want out there in last minute scenarios on offense or defense. The two-way or do-it-all midfielder is a difference maker on any team who has one. They embody the fast, physical, and creative style of play that lacrosse is all about.

Powell Lacrosse is proud to release the Pioneer II Transition head for the midfielders who need their stick to be able to do everything to dominate between the lines. Score the big goal, land a take away check, or even take a faceoff when called upon.

We remember some of the greats of the past and present like Jon Reese, Jay Jalbert, Josh Sims, the Gait Brothers, Steve Looney, Matt Abbott, Kyle Harrison, Billy Glading, Jarrett Park, Josh Hawkins, Zach Currier, Kyle McClancey, Zach Goodrich, Ryan Conrad and all those complete midfielders who are the glue that holds their teams together.

These are the players that help make a defensive stop and then fly up the field to spark transition. They can stay on the field and help initiate the offense right away instead of having to wait to substitute all of the middies. As every level starts to use the shot clock, do-it-all middies are becoming more and more important for a team’s success.

There are players who are amazing O-Middies, D-Middies, or FOGOs, but it is extremely rare to see a player who can play both ways and faceoff at the highest levels today. Years ago being a midfielder meant that you played all over the field. You had to know your defense’s slide packages and the offense’s plays.

Now there are only a small number of the quintessential “glue guys” who might not show up much on the stat sheet, but made a perfect slide, had the hockey assist on a break away, got the groundball of the faceoff, or cleared the ball in the biggest moment.

They do their job quietly only wanting to win in return.

They are at the front of sprints in practice, compete in every drill like it’s a game, and might not have the best stick skills, but will make the right play. They are usually one of the best athletes on the team. They are the work horse helping to pull the team to victory.

Do-it-all midfielders like Matt Abbott make an impact on both ends of the field.

I was lucky enough to play with some true do-it-all midfielders at Canisius College like Tim and Jeff Edwards, Brandon Bull, Lewis Vaccaro, Steve Coss, Mike Sanzone, and Cody Filson. Guys who played their heart out all over the field when it mattered most. In 2017, our 1st Midfield line of Jeff Edwards, Lewis Vaccaro, and Steve Coss would often just stay on the field if the ball got turned over to play a shift of defense then go take another shift on offense after a save. There was probably no other D1 team that could do that.

These players need a stick that can keep up with everything they do. Strong enough to pick up tough groundballs or throw a hard check, pinched and light enough to hold on to the ball through traffic or get off a quick shot.

The Pioneer II Transition head pays homage to all the do-it-all midfielders out there and is the ultimate tool for these special players to get the job done.

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