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We are Powell Lacrosse. We are different. Our team of fun seekin’ dream chasin’ people is driven by our extreme passion and pure love for the sacred sport. Our decisions aren’t made sitting around the boardroom conference table — they’re made barefoot in the backyard with smiles on our faces and lacrosse sticks in our hands. We take tremendous pride in honoring a sport the Native American’s created by presenting and preserving its positive culture and community.  Every detail, no matter how small, is given serious thought and is aimed at creating the most personalized, innovative and satisfying shopping experience possible.  

We love lacrosse and feel extremely fortunate to have it be a part of our lives.  It’s our life long journey through backyards, tailgate parties, tournaments, preseasons, post game campfires, practices and championships that provides us a strongly rooted foundation for our product creations. See you out there on the lacrosse trail — Explore the Field.      

Our Sticks

Our sticks are designed and engineered for the REAL lacrosse player that wants something lightning fast, forever consistent and 5+ seasons strong. We are committed to finding the very best materials on the planet and field testing them long before they hit the marketplace. We are laser focused on every step of the stick making process. We make sure that every component of our sticks is up to the Powell standard and will truly help make players more confident and effective on the field.   

Our Mission

We strive to make the best lacrosse sticks in the world and to provide our members with an unmatched level of customer service. It is our mission to push the boundaries of innovation and develop products that provide players with a clear performance advantage and real results.  We’ve had lacrosse sticks in our hands all our lives, we know what makes the good ones good and the great ones great.  We don’t aim to make good lacrosse sticks, we aim to make the best.

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