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Big Smile Giant Impact

Most brands wouldn’t think its a good idea to write a feature story on an athlete that’s the face of a competing company, but to be honest I don’t care — Kyle Harrison is important. Most Syracuse guys would cringe at the idea of writing a story about a Blue Jay — again, I don’t care — Kyle Harrison is cool. There are few people in the lacrosse world that I respect as much as #18 and let me tell you…

For the Record

I recently took a trip out to our good family friends at Johnson Brothers Lumber in Cazenovia NY to pick out the right wood for this project. This is the premier hardwood lumber mill in the area and without a doubt my go-to spot when I am feeling creative. Set against the sprawling rural landscape, Johnson’s is a blue collar family run business specializing in large quantity hardwoods like maple, cherry, oak, elm, birch, beech and walnut. On this particular mission…

Diggin’ In

Three weeks ago I decided to take a rare break, steep some tea and watch a documentary film that a close friend of mine suggested.  I’ve noticed that because of my wide range of interests and appreciation for all forms of creation, my friends and family are constantly sending me recommendations and inspiration. I love it — it makes my walk to the mailbox an anticipated activity. This particular documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” told the story of a mysterious street…

Blood Brothers

Last week I decided to take a deep dive into a topic that I’ve been interested in for years.  As the name of our online journal suggests, we are exploring the field in an effort to uncover the untold stories of lacrosse and shine light on the important people inside our community.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to write about lacrosse and peel back the layers of this beautiful game. 

Respected Rivals

  At 5:30pm in Charlottesville, VA a face-off will mark the 32nd battle between lacrosse powerhouses Syracuse University and the University of Virginia.  The all-time record between the two programs currently has UVA in the lead 16 -15. This year the Syracuse bus rolls south of the Mason Dixon carrying a team with a 3-0 record while UVA is ravenous to get back in the green after a loss last week to High Point.  But one thing that history has…

When #22 Took Flight

It was an average day in our backyard. Casey and Ryan were going one on one in front of a goal made of out of a series 2” PVC pipes, my sister Gretchen was sitting on the deck talking with her friends and I was digging in the dirt underneath the lone giant pine tree in the corner. The date was May 29, 1988 — I was 6 years old. 

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