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Sock It To Me

In the heat of the moment your feet produce more sweat than pretty much anywhere else on your body.  Sports socks were invented to help carry moisture off the skin so it can release through evaporation. Wool socks were invented to prevent frostbite. And argyle socks were made for nerds and Payne Stewart. 

Art in Sport – Sport in the Arts

Is there anything more beautiful than watching a perfectly executed fast break?  A blend of spontaneity and calculation, a fast break from inception to completion is an absolute work of art. As soon as the outlet pass hits a streaking stick you can feel the anticipation and energy build on the field and in the stands. The crowd knows something spectacular is about to unfold before their eyes — the crescendo begins.

The Evolution of Lacrosse Apparel

If you went through any lacrosse players dresser right now you would find roughly 7 or 8 tee shirts buried in the back of the bottom drawer.  These tee shirts would have bright colored tournament logos plastered on the back and left chest, some random companies you’ve never heard of branded on the sleeves, a Hanes Beefy T tag, a giant stain from sitting in the bottom of a bag for weeks and they would range in size from youth…

Wooden Shaft Series VOL 1

A couple of years ago I was doing some carpentry work on a house built in 1890 with my good friend Mic. We were pulling up a plywood subfloor and revealing beautiful oak floor boards. Mic is an incredible life long woodworker that I met back in 2009 when I was playing music at a folk house in Upstate NY. He is one of those guys that I am pretty sure could fix anything and fix it with a lot…

Heads From The Past

We wandered into our Parent’s garage last week and stumbled upon a group of heads covered in spiderwebs and mouse droppings.  They were tied together in a loop like a giant set of janitor keys.  As we started flipping through them we couldn’t contain our laughter. We must of sat there and laughed at these things for an hour. These were some of the ugliest heads one could ever imagine.  Most were broken, some were painted and all were ugly…

Top 3 Reasons Why Sam Likes Paracord

Paracord has been around the game for a while but never on the mainstage — until now.  Paracord 550 is a 7 braid core string that is able to withstand lots of weight. Outside of the strength however, it also has a several other features that make it an excellent choice for stringing lacrosse sticks. Sam talks here about his top three reasons why he is experimenting with paracord and why you should too.


There’s nothing more beautiful than a perfectly executed fast break. It all starts with a big time goalie play where he drops to a split and makes an off hip save on the doorstep.  He immediately jumps to his feet and finds a streaking defenseman charging up field. The defenseman only has the ball in his stick for two steps and then sends a pass just beyond the mid stripe that finds a goal-bound middie perfectly in stride headed for…

Continued Growth

As the pioneers of the 18th century cut trails and explored North America they marked paths with blazes, markings that follow each other at certain distances to mark the direction of a trail. Originally, a tree would be blazed by hatchet chops but the practice evolved into using orange blazes nailed or painted to a tree. Lacrosse has given us the opportunity to travel all over the world as both players and ambassadors and most recently as lacrosse manufacturers. We…

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