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Back In The Wood Shop

Our backyard was a place where we dreamed, played and peeled back the beautiful layers of lacrosse. Adjacent to our PVC goal was our Dad’s wood shop. It was in this 15 x 15 area where we would paint, dye and fine tune our lacrosse sticks day after day.

We would experiment with automotive paints, pin-striping, tapes, dyes and configurations all in an effort to find new ways to design and enhance our equipment. The wood shop to us was always a super fun and creative place that housed the tools for us to design. There were no limits and no boundaries to what was possible. We tried everything. (In fact, on Friday we are going to post a few of our terrible dyes from the very early days in the wood shop back in the 80’s…they are hilariously terrible!)

So fast forward 20 some odd years and here we are, on the cusp of opening the doors to an area of our business that is aimed at pure fun and innovation aptly named “The Wood Shop” as a tribute to those early days that we are so fond of. We still get just as excited about enhancing equipment both functionally and aesthetically as when we did it as kids. Creative expression through design is just flat out fun.

We are having a blast thinking about new ways to approach function and design — we want you to come along for the ride. So be sure to stay tuned to the website this week to meet the head of the Powell Wood Shop™, Carl, and see some of the exciting projects on the horizon. The doors to the Powell Wood Shop™ are set to open on the 28th.

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