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If you’ve ever been on a hike you know how important a well blazed trail is to your travels. A “blaze” is a mark in the woods, most times placed on trees, that notifies the traveller that he/she is on a path that has been previously taken and is most likely clear and safe.  One wrong turn in the woods and you may find yourself in a very interesting and unanticipated situation. Therefore, trail blazing is a critical step towards making navigation easy to understand and effective when it comes to your return trip. 

BlazeWhen we launched Powell Lacrosse last year we had a series of conversations that revolved around the importance of supporting the lacrosse community in cool, unique and fun ways.  One of the very first ideas we had was using stickers as a medium because we felt like everyone loves stickers and, lets be honest, they’re easy and manageable to ship. Lacrosse has been the fastest growing sport in North America for the past 10 years so how could we create a program that supports and showcases this growth? This question gave birth to the #powellblazes program.

Our focus was to create a program that was simple, fun and easy for lacrosse fans to get behind.

#1.  The Sticker

We started with the sticker.  When it came to the sticker design we kept it clean and easy.  We used the Powell Eyecon logo and used a classic blaze orange color to signify its intention as a trail marker.

#2. The Price

It’s free. Completely 100% free.  Who doesn’t love that price? You pay for nothing, the sticker just shows up with any purchase that you make with Powell Lacrosse.  Also, if you’re a member you will get a blaze sometime during the month of your birthday.

#3. The Fun Begins

The day the sticker arrives is when you let your creativity take over.  The ball is now in your court. Its time to find a new home for your blaze.  Does it go on your boat, your cooler, your grandmas cat or on the side of a barn? Its your call. But this is important because you have a chance to win a big prize. So choose wisely.

#4. Submit a photo

After the sticker has been stuck take a picture and let the lacrosse world know you’re blazing a new trail.  (Again have fun with the photo!) You can either post it on your Instagram, email it to us at, or post it on your Facebook.  The important thing is that you write #powellblazes so we are sure to see it.

#5. We hook you up

Finally if your photo is off the charts cool and creative then we will repost your photo and send you an awesome prize. 

Here is short list of inspiration that we have seen come through the wire.  Again, this is all about having fun supporting the growth of the greatest sport on the planet.  Blaze away! 

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