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Alaska: The Last Frontier For Lacrosse In The U.S.

As we continue our mission to explore the field, we want to take a look at the lacrosse community in Anchorage, Alaska more than 4,250 miles away from our office in Syracuse, New York. It might be hard to picture playing sports in a place many people might see as wild and untamed, but Alaskans are just as sports-crazed as the rest of North America. Anchorage, with a population of nearly 300,000, is an extremely diverse city filled with people…

Diggin’ In

Three weeks ago I decided to take a rare break, steep some tea and watch a documentary film that a close friend of mine suggested.  I’ve noticed that because of my wide range of interests and appreciation for all forms of creation, my friends and family are constantly sending me recommendations and inspiration. I love it — it makes my walk to the mailbox an anticipated activity. This particular documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” told the story of a mysterious street…

Blood Brothers

Last week I decided to take a deep dive into a topic that I’ve been interested in for years.  As the name of our online journal suggests, we are exploring the field in an effort to uncover the untold stories of lacrosse and shine light on the important people inside our community.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to write about lacrosse and peel back the layers of this beautiful game. 

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