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Heads From The Past

We wandered into our Parent’s garage last week and stumbled upon a group of heads covered in spiderwebs and mouse droppings.  They were tied together in a loop like a giant set of janitor keys.  As we started flipping through them we couldn’t contain our laughter. We must of sat there and laughed at these things for an hour. These were some of the ugliest heads one could ever imagine.  Most were broken, some were painted and all were ugly…

Top 3 Reasons Why Sam Likes Paracord

Paracord has been around the game for a while but never on the mainstage — until now.  Paracord 550 is a 7 braid core string that is able to withstand lots of weight. Outside of the strength however, it also has a several other features that make it an excellent choice for stringing lacrosse sticks. Sam talks here about his top three reasons why he is experimenting with paracord and why you should too.

Why Are They Called Shooting Strings?

How do you like your shooters?  One of the first meetings we had with Sam we talked in great detail about shooting string set ups.  First off, we all agreed how much we love how every player seems to have their own style when it comes to how they configure and tie up their top strings.  Certainly one of the coolest aspects of our sport is the individuality within the team concept.  Lacrosse is a very creative game filled with…

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