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If you follow Chris Bocklet on social media, and you should, you’re likely more than aware of the MLL all-star’s active lifestyle. He’s proud to show off his fitness fueled adventures, not to brag, but in an attempt to inspire others. Bocklet is a professional lacrosse player. He knows there is no one there Monday through Friday to push him to the next level. Chris is driven by the challenge, so much that his preparation to be the best on the field, drove him to be the best version of himself off of it.

People that know him sometimes laugh at the idea of Chris as personal trainer, including Bocklet himself. He might have made a name as an incredible finisher on the field, but the weight room was not where shined. On the lacrosse field is where he wanted to be. Monotonous routines would have him looking for water breaks and ways out of the next max-out. Then, after graduation, the tailored programs were gone. There was no one ensuring that he at least made it through a workout and guiding his nutrition. When he went to the gym, he was lost. No one told him which lifts to complete, pushing him to be great. Once he made the Outlaws, Bocklet realized that people were relying on him to stay physically fit on his own. Easier said than done. With his team only on the weekends, he would have to find the motivation somewhere.

That’s right when Chris discovered the BeachBody brand and their variety of workouts. It may sound a little silly for a pro athlete to find inspiration through programs geared toward looking your best in a swimsuit, but the group fitness mentality and calculated workout regimen gave Bocklet something he could latch onto. He found a group of likeminded adults and they all started the challenge on the same day. Whether he meant to or not, Bocklet had a new team and was back in a routine. The difference was, this time it was because he wanted to, not because he was told to.

From there, fitness and nutrition found their way into all corners of Bocklet’s life. Off campus, he had the choice to go find his next meal, or learn to cook healthy for himself. Putting lacrosse first, he turned to his mother, also a health coach, for tips on eating right and making sure his body is getting what it needs. The routines became a lifestyle and Chris was developing another passion that was also propelling him on the turf. Finding a role as an online health coach, Bocklet started connecting people from all over with workouts and nutrition plans. Modeled after how he got started, Chris’ groups all start on the same day and monitor their progress. The focus is on keeping each other accountable, like a real team. It’s a perfect system for a lot of athletes coming of out college that are used to the routine, but don’t have the resources they did at school.

Chris wants to connect MLL athletes through technology, to take the game to the next level and keep players pushing each other while they’re not together. Not all professional lacrosse teams have a focused strength and conditioning coach in town, and still only so many players even live in those areas. Bocklet sees the drive and competitiveness in his online groups matching that of his lacrosse teams. The hardest struggle in the MLL is the year after graduation. The summer out of college athletes are in great shape. That next year is brutal. Guys are into their full-time jobs and the daily motivation to go to the field and gym, while finding ways to eat right is too hard. Too many athletes come into training camp out of shape and it’s all over from there. Bocklet knows technology and focused plans can help bridge that gap and keep athletes accountable through the work week. Luckily for him, his older brother Matt gave him the heads up on how hard that sophomore season can be and Chris came into camp at the best shape of his life, finishing with a career-high a 42 goal, 55 point season. He wants to share that wisdom and help him peers over the hump.

Chris also wants people to have options when it comes to living better. It started for Bocklet because the game demanded it. But what was once for lacrosse, is now for a release of endorphins. Natural energy from positive daily habits pushes him to keep doing it all. Basketball, flag football, snowboarding, you name it. Yet, even with his active lifestyle, often there’s no time for sports. High impact workouts provide the competitiveness and excitement he needs everyday, no matter where on a map he ends up. It really isn’t taking anything special and, believe it or not, he’s not in the gym all day either. Chris starts his day at 7 am by getting in 10 minutes of running and a 30 minute workout. It’s followed by a Shakeology superfood boost before working with clients on their routines and nutrition plans. Then the rest of the day and night is spent between the lines, coaching middle school and varsity lacrosse within the Westlake program in Texas.

Drawn to Austin for the active culture, it’s Bocklet’s priority to show a good example for athletes trying to compete at a high level, but aren’t treating their bodies correctly. His players will give him grief about the salad, or fish, he had for lunch, or the style of workout he did last. Chris takes it all with a smile. If the players can correlate his fitness level to what he puts in his body and something positive rubs off on them, he feels he has helped. There’s a great deal of resources focused on sports in Texas, but outside of football, things can slip under the radar. Lacrosse is booming and kids are starting to take it really seriously. Teams are traveling to great lengths for the best competition, unable to find a saturation of high caliber teams like Bocklet was accustomed growing up in New York. To be elite in non-traditional areas, it requires serious miles and a lot more maintenance than many lacrosse teams in the country deal with. But, in Texas, lacrosse season is still football season, because football never ends. Multi-sport athletes oftentimes aren’t allowed to opt out of offseason workouts, even for practices and games. This means players can are exhausting nearly every day of the week. Top lacrosse recruits aren’t taking workouts lightly for fear of losing a spot on the football team. Even if that means maxing out during team lifts on lacrosse game days. Bocklet recognizes the pressure on the student-athletes, mentally and physically. He wants to help relieve the burden by providing education on how to keep the body operating at the highest levels through such demanding times. Controlling the workload from school, life, and other sports are out of his power. Teaching others on how to balance it all can help keep players from walking away from a sport because their bodies are breaking down.

No matter how much preparation is put in, if the body isn’t properly taken care of, the hard work was all for nothing. If performing at these levels are enjoyable for the athletes, why slow them down? Yet, if the quality of food intake and rest isn’t matching workouts, it’s a recipe to crash and burn. Luckily, Bocklet avoided a lot of those pressures growing up, but he understands them. Only through self-maintenance could he make his way on to become a pro athlete in an extremely competitive league. When it stopped being about what others demanded of him, working out and eating healthy wasn’t a chore but just part of what he did to lead the best version of his life possible. From MLL stars, to high school recruits, and folks across the internet, Chris Bocklet wants everyone to find their own way to be a little bit better everyday, and he’s leading by example.

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