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As the pioneers of the 18th century cut trails and explored North America they marked paths with blazes, markings that follow each other at certain distances to mark the direction of a trail. Originally, a tree would be blazed by hatchet chops but the practice evolved into using orange blazes nailed or painted to a tree. Lacrosse has given us the opportunity to travel all over the world as both players and ambassadors and most recently as lacrosse manufacturers. We constantly look for signs of the growth of lacrosse and sometimes it even shows up when we are least expecting it.

unnamedThis happened most recently when some of us were traveling through Asia. In Singapore, with some time to kill, us weary travelers found ourselves in a burger joint called Brewerks that happens to be a big hangout for Americans abroad. With football on the TV and Steelers flags hanging from the bar it felt just like home. The walls in Brewerks are a little different than you might expect though as they weren’t filled with kitsch, they were filled with lacrosse trophies. Yup…lacrosse trophies. Why? Because Singapore is home to a killer league of men’s and women’s lacrosse that is organized under the Singapore Lacrosse Association and Brewerks is their major sponsor.

We had stumbled into the clubhouse of the SLA and we even met the SLA president, Craig Beauchamp who gave us a guided tour and a history lesson on lacrosse in Asia. The game in Asia has been around a long time with the Singapore hub established in 2011. The association that Craig leads has a mission to grow the game in Singapore through youth programs and they also host regional tournaments where teams from Thailand, China and even New Zealand gather to compete. The last tournament in Singapore, the Lacrosse Spectacular, had over 130 players on the field.

Needless to say we were blown away by the story and the love of the game so we’ve officially adopted Singapore Lacrosse. We just recently sent them some blazes to mark the trail and we can’t wait to see what comes back. Our mission with our #powellblazes campaign is to cover the planet with markings of our wonderful sport and continue to share and grow it.

Get your free Powell blaze here stick it on something cool, take a pic and post it with #powellblazes. If we repost your pic we’ll send you some free gear.

Lets join together as a community and show the whole world how incredible this sport really is!

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  1. Grateful SLA exists for our son to continue playing, and promoting, the sport he loves while on assignment here in Singapore.

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