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Everyone knows that performance is the most important thing in a lacrosse stick. If you can’t play the game, it doesn’t matter how good you look. Powell Lacrosse took care of this important issue right from the start with a custom designed pocket that is 100% ready to go, and performs beautifully. It’s the same pocket every time, and it works like a dream. This was the most important thing for Powell when the head and pocket were first introduced, and the care and effort shows.

So what do you do after you nail the performance aspect of the game?

The next logical step is to have a stick that visually reflects each player’s unique personality, or puts their team’s colors front and center. Powell Lacrosse has the performance aspect down to a science, so making each stick unique in appearance for the end user was up next, and the guys in Central New York did it right, just like they did with their pocket.

It would have been easy to just offer different colors for the mesh, and then for the strings, but Powell went a step further, and created a fully customizable set up, where users can choose their head color and mesh color, and each and every string color can be hand picked… users even get a couple different options for top strings! On top of all that, you can pick out a shaft to match the head, and the entire stick will ship to you direct, and fully assembled.

Your fully customized stick will be ready to go, right out of the box!

There are plenty of good options out there for quality products, but the Powell Lacrosse custom program combines the best aspects of custom stringing with the best aspects of performance and consistency. Attention to detail in the pocket design now translates to the details of how the pocket looks, creating a one stop shop for custom high quality work.

The Powell Lacrosse customization system allows for individual players to order the stick of their dreams, and it also allows teams to do fantastic custom team designs. Want 20 beautiful sticks that will be ready to go right away for YOUR program? There really is no better way to do it!

From performance to direct access to a fully customizable stick program, Powell Lacrosse is changing how the lacrosse stick game is played. Come on out and join us!

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