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We love your feedback. How can we move towards our mission of becoming the best lacrosse brand in the world without listening to our customers?  The answer is simple – we can’t. We’re focused on celebrating the intricate details of the sport, putting the very best products in the hands of players and relentlessly supporting the unique lacrosse family vibe.

We don’t just want the Powell brand to feel communal, we want it to BE communal.

On several occasions in the past we’ve made social posts on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages asking you questions related to your personal preferences and opinions on particular products. We send out surveys to every person that shops with us and ask them to rate their experience both with the product and the purchase as a whole. We ask lacrosse players from around the world to test our products before they hit the market. We get out there at camps, clinics and tournaments in an effort to learn more about what players need and want. Very little product development here at Powell gets done in the board room.


So first off, thank you to everyone that has contributed through email, social and in person over the past six months. Your thoughts on the product and the process are super valuable to the future of our brand and each comment is reviewed with a very thoughtful eye. As we move forward and continue to grow and evolve we know that we can only do it together. We are brand new and far from perfect but we have a drive to be the best.

With all of this being said we wanted to encourage you Powell Members to review the products on our website that you have used or worn. On each product page there’s an area at the bottom where you can comment with your thoughts on the item.  Because we are brand new and currently only sell online, new shoppers rely heavily on these reviews and it really helps them find the right fit.  As we all know, reviews are valuable tools when it comes to making a purchase online and with the super cool Powell Members we are lucky to have it is a great opportunity to guide people in the right direction that haven’t seen the product in the physical form.

Thanks again members, you guys rock!

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