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As our sport continues to grow we see more and more cool stick customizations, cleaner dyes, and slicker string jobs.  With social platforms like Instagram and Twitter pushing this movement — dyers, stringers and aficionados from all over the world now have a voice and a stage to show the world what they’ve got. And its not just the pros anymore, its everyone.

We have seen everything from duct tape pockets to acrylic painted heads and we gotta say, its so fun to see.  Anytime you create something and express yourself it’s healthy.  Like we always talk about here in Field Exploration, stick customization is something that’s very cool in our sport and certainly one of it’s unique aspects. We encourage everyone to give it a shot and have fun with it.

Last week, our friend Joe from Brooklyn based Throne Lacrosse, posted this video on their YouTube channel.  Now keep in mind — Joe is a pro and makes this look easy — but this video is a cool watch and is valuable for those looking to learn more about the craft.  It’s a nice blend of education and fun, not to mention the stick that he ends up with is absolutely amazing! 

A big thanks to Joe for hooking it up. 

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