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Alaska: The Last Frontier For Lacrosse In The U.S.

As we continue our mission to explore the field, we want to take a look at the lacrosse community in Anchorage, Alaska more than 4,250 miles away from our office in Syracuse, New York. It might be hard to picture playing sports in a place many people might see as wild and untamed, but Alaskans are just as sports-crazed as the rest of North America. Anchorage, with a population of nearly 300,000, is an extremely diverse city filled with people…

The 2021 Great Upstate Snow Games

For the last two Sundays of February, players of all ages got back to the roots of lacrosse as they came out to play in the elements at the Syracuse and Rochester Great Upstate Snow Games.  The Snow Games were born from all of the backyard games the Powell brothers played growing up where they went outside to play no matter the weather. Ryan Powell brought those games back to life when he got a few friends together and played…

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