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Will eye black make you an All American?  Of course not.  However, we really believe it should be in every players equipment bag because of its proven effectiveness during mid day sun games and under the light night battles. Our focus with this brand is to provide players with the very best equipment possible that will help them perform better and play more confident lacrosse. We knew we wanted to offer players not just an eye black option but the very best. 

Official-Eye-BlackThe earliest form of eye black was most likely made out of burned cork ashes according to historians.  An NFL football player named Andy Farkas is credited as the very first player in the league to use eye black and can be seen in photographs wearing it as far back as 1942. We found this information when we decided to really break down what makes eye black effective and how can we offer the very best. 

The_Eye_Black_StudyThis led us to a book, The Eye Black Study written by a world renowned Ophthalmologist at Yale University Medical School named Dr. Brian DeBroff, MD.  It is the definitive study on the effectiveness of anti-glare products used by athletes–testing eye black against stickers and nothing at all. The study was conducted at Yale University by Drs. Patricia Pahk and Brian DeBroff. The test concluded that not only did eye black prove to block more glare than stickers, petroleum jelly and natural skin but it also greatly improved contrast sensitivity. 

Through our years of playing lacrosse in just about every condition imaginable we knew that eye black worked and after reading the book by Dr. DeBroff we now knew why. So the next step was how to make eye black better and improve on the existing product offerings to assure that we are giving lacrosse players the very best. We’ve worn all different brands of eye black, from Mueller to Maybelline and we found a few flaws in them that we wanted to improve. The first thing was its ability to be weather proof and sweat resistant.  Too many times we would end up putting more on at halftime because the sweat or rain had washed the eye black into our mouths! So that was obviously an area that we wanted to improve on.  The next thing was for the mothers out there. In the past, eye black has proven to be an enemy of the washing machine because of properties that make it stain clothing and equipment.  

EyeBlackWideSo we did our research and landed on a product that we are confident is the best eye black in the world. It’s anti-glare and increases contrast sensitivity. It stays in place on your face where you want it during the big games. It’s sweat resistant. And it easily washes out of your uniform, shooting shirts and shorts. It comes in a silver tin that makes it easy to throw in the equipment bag and sure seal the lid for the next big game.

This year we partnered with some amazing college athletes from across the country to put our products to the test.  We would like to take this time to thank all of our teams for an amazing season in 2016 and we look forward to a very bright future — without the glare!  

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