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What do you do in January when you love lacrosse and live in Upstate NY? The answer — you call your buddies, put on your hunting gear and venture out into the snow.  This past Thursday marked the date of the first annual Great Upstate Snow Game.  This game was all about good people, fun and laughs.

The chilly day (24 degrees, felt like -78 degrees with the windchill) kicked off with all participants arriving at Chittenango State Park to sting up the goal, build the field and stack the picnic tables to hold the snow fencing. Yes, it was a very high end and elegant event as you will notice from the photographs and video.  The uniforms were equally as impressive ranging from full on tractor suits and galoshes to white tights and cleats.  With this being the first annual GUSG, players were unclear on what the apropriate attire should be so we saw quite a variety.

After a few minutes of warm ups and pre game interviews, Ryan Powell the games commissioner brought everyone in to explain the rules and laid out a 5 game series of games that go to 7.  He also took this time to break up the teams.  On Team New England Clam Powder he placed himself, LeMoyne Dolphin Jim Gallagher, and fellow Orangemen Dave Puccia. Team Guns N’ Frozes would be Mike Powell, Dan Hardy, Colgate Raider Trent Pfau and fan favorite Sam “Upper” Chidester.

As the first inbound pass was made the games intensity escalated very quickly.  We saw lots of diving, bloody noses, cracked knuckles, highlight reel goals, trips, handballs, and slips — and that was just game 1. New England Clam Powder recorded a 7-5 victory in game number one but the GNF quickly regained their composure and were able to crush NECP 7-3 in game number 2.  After a long intermission, the players caught their breath, removed some layers and returned to the playing field.

As the day continued and nightfall began to set in the players found themselves in a 6-5 battle in the fifth and final game of a 2-2 tied series. Ryan Powell doinked (thats right, doinked) a behind the back off the cross bar create a loose ball in front of the cage.  Dave Puccia, the only player wearing no socks and cleats was there to scoop and pivot better than any other player and put the ball in the net for the victory.  So there you have it folks, New England Clam Powder defeats Guns N’ Frozes 3-2 in the first annual Great Upstate Snow Game.

Post Game Awards

Most Lopsided Commissioner Ever Award – Ryan Powell

Most Blood Spilt – Jim Gallagher left behind several pints after a diving trail check attempt

MVP – Dave Puccia (His trophy was a handmade snowball that unfortunately melted before he made it home to put it on his dresser)

Brightest Pants – Sam Chidester

Dan Hardy was given a razor.

Mike Powell did not win any awards however it is worth noting that his suit smelled so bad of diesel gas that everyone left with a head ache.

And finally trent Pfau was given an award, they just aren’t sure what its for.

All joking aside, get outside and play.  That is the moral of this story.  Never forget that lacrosse is all about having fun with family and friends.

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  1. Too guys are a riot! You definitely know the love of the game,the life of the game,and how to have fun with the game,as well as,too,helping to grow the game.

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