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Covering your head is important.  Especially if you are one of those people that gets your hair cut at the mall.  With summer ball in full swing we are on the sidelines of fields, going to concerts and having backyard bbq’s.  We are happy to announce our first line of fully private labeled Powell hats that are made for lacrosse players, fans and enthusiasts all over the world.  

It started with research.  We dug deep into our closets and asked our members to send us their absolute favorite hat in the entire world. After all, a great hat is hard to find but when you find one its worth hanging on to! After we got this intel we began to build out the line.  As we all know, lacrosse players are picky and lots of the time very different from one another in terms of style.  So we had to build a line that not only spanned the stylistic broadness but also offered up something to all ages and genders. We would like to meet our 2016 summer hat line.

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