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We wandered into our Parent’s garage last week and stumbled upon a group of heads covered in spiderwebs and mouse droppings.  They were tied together in a loop like a giant set of janitor keys.  As we started flipping through them we couldn’t contain our laughter. We must of sat there and laughed at these things for an hour. These were some of the ugliest heads one could ever imagine.  Most were broken, some were painted and all were ugly in their own beautiful way.

We knew right away that we wanted to share this grotesque collection with you. We grabbed the camera and headed down to the creek to do some filming. What originally was aimed at being a short and simple video walk through of these monstrosities turned into a 3 minute blooper reel.  These heads from our past prove that you can’t always hit homeruns, there are going to be some misses…and we reinforce that with this video.

We encourage all of you to share your ugliest sticks from the past with us.  Email them to us at

If we repost your brutal wands we will send you a brand new Flight 22 handle.

And for your viewing pleasure…

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