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August 10th marked the culmination of two years of hard work with the launch of  We crossed our fingers, rubbed our lucky rabbits foot, and patted RP’s belly for good luck.  What happened next was incredible.  We could not have predicted the overwhelming response we’ve had to date.  It has truly been an experience that we will never forget.  The response has been great – we’ve received countless emails, letters, phone calls, and social media shoutouts.  Everyone has been very supportive and excited about our products thus far.

Everyone except Wyoming.  It’s funny,  we never thought we could have beef with an entire state – but here we are Wyoming and we couldn’t be more heart broken.

Check out this map – we’ve shipped product all over the states (plus Canada, eh… UK, Australia, and New Zealand).  But, no love from Wyoming.  This comes as a shock to us because we love all things Wyoming.  During our 4 hour meeting this morning on the topic of Wyoming some of us wanted to go negative quickly and start a campaign to bash the entire state.  Well, cooler heads prevailed and we’ve decided to resort to flattery instead.  We’re hoping by sucking up we can quickly end this little feud and get back to loving all things Wyoming.  So, here’s our list of the top 5 things we love about Wyoming:

Again, we love you Wyoming. So, it begs the question: “What’s yer problem?”

Powell Lacrosse

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