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Wand. Gamer. Weapon. Arrow. Lax Rod. There are a million different street names used by lacrosse players all over the world to describe their sticks. From the tip of your scoop to your end cap, every detail plays a part in the overall feel of your set up. We’ve come to realize that the most important thing to focus on when building a stick is creating something that’s comfortable, balanced and fitting. Confidence is power on the playing field and if a player is comfortable with his/her set up it allows them to focus on the game instead of worrying about how their stick will perform in certain situations. We interviewed players that admittedly said that on more than one occasion they’ve caught a lob pass over the top and stepped into a time and room crank with one thing on their mind — is my stick going to lip up or is it going to sail? If that thought is running under your helmet during your wind up, you need to dial it in!


When we first entered the wonderful world of stick making last August we took a stance on stick stringing by introducing the “Powell Pocket™” and hand stringing every single stick we send out. We’ve played lacrosse all our lives and are around it 365 days a year. We’ve used great sticks and we’ve certainly used some bad ones over the years. Luckily, its that experience that gives us a great understanding of what makes the sticks act the way they do. About 6 or 7 years ago we started to notice young players talking about pockets by position ie. high, mid, low, high/mid, mid/low, midfield pocket, attack pocket, defensive pocket, etc… This made us cringe as life long players because its the wrong message to give the next generation. In our opinion young players shouldn’t feel like they NEED a high/mid pocket because they’re a midfielder or a low pocket because they are playing attack this year. ALL PLAYERS SHOULD USE ALL AROUND GREAT POCKETS!

Lets break it down a bit. If a player uses a high pocket because he plays midfield and wants to shoot fast on the run he is sacrificing the ability to carry the ball low comfortably. If he plays attack and wants a low pocket to carry the ball one handed behind the net he is sacrificing the playability of the pocket by lowering the release point.

_MG_9450The bottomline is that we don’t have to sacrifice anything, you can have it all. We designed the Powell Pocket™ so that players of all skill levels and positions can have something that holds the ball extremely well, passes and throws with consistency, is durable and manageable, shoots fast and holds true. We don’t believe in beginner pockets or pro pockets, they’re the same. Pockets should be deep but with a quick release.

Its time to stop filling the heads of young players with the notion that they NEED a pocket for their position because lets face it — that is simply not true. Of course we’re very sensitive to the fact that each player prefers slightly different set ups and minor variations, which we love by the way, but if you look around the world at the top players in our sport you will notice that they all play with a stick that has great depth in the pocket and not too much whip so they can follow through on all of their shots. (One trick to find out how your stick plays is to play one handed wall ball. See how far back you can step away from the wall while maintaining consistency in your passes.)

We hand string every single stick that leaves our headquarters and have an awesome team of stringers that assure that each Pioneer that heads out finds the players hands game ready. Even if you don’t choose to use the Powell Pocket™ or the Pioneer we encourage you to take a good hard look at your set up and focus on the practical function. It should be deep with the maximum amount of hold the head allows, have a quick and consistent release and be manageable.

Here’s to great lacrosse and great lacrosse pockets!

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The Powell Pocket™ is hand-strung by a certified member of the Powell String Team™ on every strung head purchased from There are several ways to get a head featuring the Powell Pocket™:

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