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We are a family brand. We don’t view Powell Lacrosse purely as a lacrosse equipment manufacturer — we view it as a conduit that in many ways can help create strong relationships, energize the community and break down the imaginary wall between customers and products. We’ve received several Emails, letters, phone calls and messages since our inception from people all over the world commending us on going against the grain and doing things differently in the industry. Yes, if you were to look at our path you would certainly see several clear differences in the way that we conduct business and operate as a team, however we don’t do this actively. We don’t have meetings and say “okay, they are doing this, so lets do this”.mike_casey_ryan_powell_720_usl_courtesy_sue_powell We simply do things our way, the way that feels right and creates the best experience for the people of lacrosse.

Our ethos is simple and straight forward. At the very core of it we honor honesty, pursue with passion, and always take the path of integrity. The Powell Brothers remind us daily that this brand is a direct reflection of their character and therefore every move needs to follow these very strict guidelines. It’s this sentiment and fundamental backbone that led us to the development of our tagline — It’s In The Blood. Lacrosse is much more than a sporting community, from our experience lacrosse is a family and should be treated that way. We aren’t looking to change the game, we love it and just want to support the positive spirit of the culture.

Bloodline-VerticalAs most of you may already know, we currently only sell our products direct. Which means that you can only get Powell equipment directly from us. It was important for us to launch this way because we felt the need to protect our messaging and make sure that EVERY customer’s experience with Powell is satisfying, smooth and positive. With this concept and business model came a big challenge. How can we humanize the online shopping and brand discovery experience so that lacrosse players, fans, coaches, and parents feel a real life connection?

Here are 4 simple things we do to make our customers feel good about using Powell.

We created a membership. This was very important and something that was born during our very first meeting about the future of the Powell brand. We aim to create a strong sense of community and love to reward people in many different ways for choosing us. The Powells come from a blue collar background where money was tight so they are very aware of the financial commitment required to buy lacrosse equipment. (Their father had to sell a shotgun to get Casey and Ryan their first sticks.) Through member specific pricing and a points reward system we offer lacrosse community the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on their purchases. The membership is free and so is the shipping.

We provide an industry leading 12 month warranty on all of our products. We are very confident in our products and don’t foresee them faulting in anyway because we have put a ton of testing and research into them. However, we realize that lacrosse is a crazy intense sport that will push products to the absolute extreme so we want our customers to feel really good about their purchase.

Bloodline-SUWe are do-it-yourselfers. We love to roll up our sleeves and do as much as we can to create the best products and experience possible. It’s very likely that if you ordered a Powell product it was packaged and sent to you directly from one of the Brothers. Mike currently makes our wooden shafts and does the screen printing. Ryan handles almost every customer service call that comes in to make sure people feel the connection and the situation is handled in a “family” way. Casey brings the products straight to the players with the most extensive grass roots schedule in all of lacrosse.

Every stick is strung by hand by a certified and experience player/stringer. We want players of every age and skill level to be able to pick up a Powell stick and perform right out of the gates. It’s important to the growth of lacrosse new players use sticks that hold, carry and release properly. It’s also important for us to never lose the art of lacrosse stringing and provide world class players with the ultimate pocket.

This is only the very beginning of what the Powell brand will be rolling out over the course of the next several years and we want to thank everyone that has supported our launch through membership sign ups, product purchases and reviews. Because we are an online platform we highly encourage those that have had experience with Powell products to post reviews on the product pages. We are a new brand and your opinions on products will really help customers choose the right products.

BLOODLINE Complete Stick Package

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This week we have dropped a brand new complete stick package into the mix that will give our members the opportunity to save a bunch of money on the most advanced set up in our arsenal. The Bloodline is our number one top selling shaft because of its superior strength to weight ratio. It’s only 155 grams and the scandium titanium blend is perfectly proportioned to create a handle that is ready for battle. Like we stated above, we proudly and confidently offer a 12 month warranty on this product. It is 100% handstrung and ready to ship to your door.

If you are looking for fast, quick, and strong — It’s In The Blood.

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  1. Love the vibe of the brand boys…miss you guys and glad you’re working together again.

    My hope is more players “get” the magic you guys are creating…thanks for keeping it real in a world that seems to be less and less so.

  2. I am so proud of all you guys have become. I am always proud to tell people where I am from and talk about you when lacrosse is mentioned. It was always a pleasure watching you guys play.

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