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Powell Lacrosse - Knot To Mention

On March 21st we will launch a series called “Knot to Mention” featuring our Maine man Sam Chidester where he will break down stringing like only he can.  This will be episodical content that we will be rolling out through the remainder of the season with a focus giving players and stringers of all levels a chance to dive deeper into the wonderful world of stringing.

Sam is one of the most knowledgable lacrosse stringers on the planet with a very unique view on the craft.  Oh yeah – and he’s hilarious.  “Knot to Mention” will be a cool mixture of informative graphics, fun videos, and written instructional pieces geared towards helping you create better performing pockets and get the most out of your stick.

The videos will be uploaded onto our youtube channel so be sure to subscribe.  And as always you can get the full experience right here in Field Exploration.  Sam hopes to see you on the 21st!

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