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Last week we had our Maine man Sam show up for a couple days of hanging, strategizing, stringing and more stringing.  Every time he rolls into town the office lights up, we have lots of fun and get tons of sticks strung up. We’re so lucky to not only know Sam as a person but to have him lead our string team and drive our pocket ship.  Sam is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to stringing with a love for symmetry and an obsession with creating reliable true pockets.  When we started this company we knew the importance of a perfect pocket when it comes to the overall success of the stick so we needed to find someone with great knowledge in that department to push it forward.  Boom — enter Sam Chidester.

We have said it a million times, stringing is a art form and Sam is a master artist.  When you look around Instagram you’ll see thousands of accounts that feature young and old stringers throwing out their string jobs, concepts and innovative ideas.  WE LOVE THIS and fully support it.  We encourage everyone to try and string up their own sticks. If you learn the craft it makes game day tune ups and mid game alterations much less intimidating. 

One thing we noticed about the stringing community is that there are several stringers out there that seem very secretive when it comes to revealing their patterns.  Mysterious low angle photographs and often times avoiding full pattern questions in the comment sections.  This is just another reason why we love Sam, he’s not afraid to show you exactly how he does what he does.  He is accessible. He loves to teach and talk pockets. He is confident in his ability, comfortable in his skin, and happy to share pointers that will help the stringing community get better as a whole.

Powell Lacrosse

We posted a fun little video tutorial series “Knot to Mention” where Sam walks you through a full pocket build and the pattern he uses for all Powell pre-strungs, customs, and completes. Pockets have to be altered to fit different heads and Sam chose this particular pattern to fit the Pioneer perfectly, so keep that in mind while watching. The videos have been cut up into sections so you can skip ahead or back to reference relevant material. This is a fun resource for stringers regardless of your experience level. 

As always, any stick that you order from us will be hand strung by a certified Powell String Team member using this particular pattern (top string may vary).  Feel free to reach out to Sam if you have any stringing questions, thoughts or ideas.  You can find him on Instagram @big_sam20

So give this video a look and grab ahold of a mesh piece, have some fun and let it rip. Here’s to great lacrosse and the perfect pocket.

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