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Lacrosse is full of young artists, inventors and entrepreneurs. As the sport continues to grow in popularity and participation we witness more and more new businesses launching just about everyday. This influx of innovation and artistry is just another unique aspect of lacrosse that we love and aim to support.

Its no secret that we appreciate creativity and craftsmanship here at Powell, so when we look around social media at all of the young stringers and dyers out there it begs the question — what can we do to help support them and their ventures?

Last week we posted a simple contest where we asked our Instagram followers to tell us who their favorite young stringer is. Within an hour of posting the contest we had over 1,000 comments. This absolutely solidified and reinforced just how passionate we are as lacrosse players about a great service and the pursuit of the perfect pocket. Unfortunately, there were a few bad apples, however 99% of the comments were very positive and supportive. It’s so refreshing to be a part of a community that spreads positivity and well wishes. There is room for all of us and if we really want lacrosse to grow properly we need to be unified. When we see negative comments we cringe because that goes against everything that lacrosse stands for and is an insult to the history.

Stick stringing is an art and when its done right can truly make a major difference in a players performance. Some people out there are flat out incredible at it and others are working to get better. We had a team discussion after we launched the Instagram contest and talked about how we can help support these young entrepreneurs. We made the easy decision when we launched this company to never release a factory strung stick. Sure a machine or factory could bang them out by the thousands and make production a heck of a lot easier, but what does that mean for the performance and the connection to the roots of the game. We STRONGLY believe in hand strung pockets. So with that being said, we developed a simple offering in an effort to support those stringers out there that are tipping and tying for players all over the world.

DSC01479There are literally thousands of stringing accounts out there that are still buying mesh at the full retail price and struggling to stay afloat. We’ve developed a simple and straightforward program that will allow new stringing companies to get in the game quicker, string more sticks and ultimately make more money. We want more stringers, we want more artists, we want more inventors, we want more craftsman and entrepreneurs…

Our brand new weather proof high performance mesh (Frontier Mesh) can now be purchased in bulk at a discounted price. This is a great opportunity to start building inventory that will keep your costumers satisfied and coming back. Frontier Mesh is now available in a 3 pack, and 5 pack and a 10 pack. You choose the colors and we’ll send them right out!

Here’s to great lacrosse.

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  1. Great article, and great prices as well, as a father of two boys who are starting out in the sport one with two years experience on a high school team and several seasons on a league team and younger brother with a couple seasons in a league and will be playing for high school this coming spring. I appreciate the tutorials from Sam on stringing (Knot To Mention). I have been honing my stringing skills to save a little money, have taken Sam’s technique for the Powell Pocket and utilized it on my sons heads, and now their teammates are sending their heads home for me to string. So I hope to be buying some of the frontier mesh soon, just bought some parachord to experiment with in some crazy colors, so keep up the great work with the products and tutorial vidoes.
    P.S. also have a young daughter getting into the sport, so some tutorials on stringing girls heads would be great, but I know you don’t have those (yet).

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