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Hey all, I’m Mikey Diggs. I’m a creative contributor and photographer here at Powell Lacrosse. I also play midfield for San Diego Lacrosse Club. We compete against other men’s league teams all across California in the spring, as well as against local talent in a university-sponsored summer league and in the Fall and Winter San Diego ULAX leagues. So, yes, here in San Diego we take full advantage of the ability to play outside year-round.

I’ve been using Powell sticks since well before I started contributing here – I used an OG Pioneer on the very first Bloodline shaft, and I loved it.

But today, as a self-proclaimed gear nerd, I want to talk about my gamer.

For about a year now, I’ve been using a prestrung Pioneer II Attack on a Mighty Black Pro with the sandblasted pebble finish. And I can honestly say that after having played almost two decades worth of lacrosse, it’s up there with some the best sticks I’ve ever used.

The Mighty Black Pro really is an ideal blend of the rigidity of alloy shafts and the solid, hearty, balanced feel of a composite. In my opinion, it’s the perfect companion for the Pioneer II Attack head. This combo feels great in the hand and manages to avoid making the stick feel top-heavy without feeling heavy overall or sluggish when shooting at weird angles. The super-stiff design really helps when playing aggressive defense too – you don’t get any flex or give when you’re pushing people around. Pretty solid piece of equipment.

The pebble finish is great for people who like the feel of tape, but don’t like always having to replace tape. When I use alloy shafts, I use bottom hand tape as well as skinny pieces of tape where my middle finger lands for cradling and shooting. On the Mighty Black Pro, I taped up where my bottom hand goes just so I had a consistent surface while keeping the end cap on, but I found that I didn’t need any top-hand tape at all for handling or shooting. It just feels right at all stages of the game. It’s grippy, but not too much so – stick exchanges don’t have much friction, but your hands won’t slip when you gotta get a shot off before the slide gets there. No gimmicks, no flashiness – it just works, and it works really well.

I use my Pioneer II Attack head exactly how it came in the mail. Seriously. No adjustments at all. It’s almost scary how smooth and consistent that prestrung pocket is. It has just the right amount of hold, without there being any added whip to get used to. It’s a quick release, but the channel makes sure the ball doesn’t roll around before it’s time to come out. I’ve had teammates and buddies pick it up and throw with it, and they all get stuck on how nice it throws. The fact that you can just up and buy a prestrung head that plays this well out of the box is pretty much a cheat code.

The face shape is perfect for my style of play. I do a lot of shooting off of dodges with some time-and-room mixed in, so a tight face shape with a smooth taper helps keep the ball in the sweet spot for as long as possible during wind-ups and while under pressure. It’s not so narrow that it’s hard to reel in the tough passes, though, so it’s right in the Goldilocks Zone.

Overall, this stick performs really well. I’ve used full setups from STX, Warrior, and Under Armour over the years, and I’d say that this all-Powell setup should be in that discussion in terms of performance and reliability. Safe to say that I won’t be putting it down for another stick anytime soon – I’ll be seeing how many miles I can get out of this thing!

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