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When hotbeds are mentioned, we’re often snubbed from the list.

For those who overlook us, that’s your mistake. Us Midwesterners will continue to show up early, leave it all on the field, and do it again the next day. Day after day. Our grind never stops.

We’re proud of Ohio lacrosse. We need not look elsewhere to find the top talent in the world. We’ve got the World Champion Ohio Machine in our capital city, a NCAA Division 1 program in The Ohio State University that’s defining itself as a national powerhouse, a brand-new DI up-and-comer in Cleveland State, and over 20 universities featuring NCAA DII and DIII, MCLA, and NCLL programs in nearly every corner of the state.

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But growth is our thing and the game is booming in the Buckeye State. At the high school level, we’re boasting 141 boys and 127 girls teams, a number that keeps on climbing. Youth programs are continuously sprouting and building the foundation for feeding the ever-growing waves of talent growing like vines across the state.

We can all pat each other on the back for our efforts, we’ve come a long way. There’s still a lot of work to do, but we know we can get it done. Sure, the way we do things might look a lot different across the state. From white collar to blue, farm towns to big cities, suburbs to high-rises, our diversity is bound through an undeniable passion for lacrosse. We all stay humble and focused on the growth of the game in our backyard. We operate on tight budgets, and work hard through the week just to get back within those painted lines.

We’ve got our own legends who already carved the path like Anthony Kelly, Brett Hughes, Steve DeSeau, Max Schmidt and Eric O’Brien. They showed us how Midwesterners can master their crafts. We’re watching stars on the rise in Connor Buczek, Adam Osika and countless others following those footsteps. We’re also proud of Greg Bice, Dominique Alexander, and all of our transplants who have never left. They saw that same something in us that we see in ourselves. It’s an endless dedicated to taking Ohio lacrosse to the next level. We’re all a part of it.

We know our history and we know where we’re going. We weren’t all born here and some that were have drifted away, but we’re all Ohioans and we’re proud of it. Join us in paying tribute to “The Heart of it All” with the Ohio Lacrosse t-shirt.

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