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(Syracuse, NY) – Powell Lacrosse is excited to announce a 3 year partnership with the Baltimore Swarm Lacrosse Club based out of Baltimore County, Maryland. 

“We here at Powell Lacrosse are super excited to enter into a 3 year sponsorship agreement with Baltimore Swarm Lacrosse Club,” said Powell Lacrosse President Ryan Powell. “This is an exciting time for the Powell brand and being able to outfit a growing program like the Swarm with some of the finest gear in lacrosse is a great opportunity to continue to put our gear in players’ hands! We look forward to an awesome partnership.”

Founded in 2019, Baltimore Swarm Lacrosse Club is growing rapidly and becoming a premier destination for lacrosse training and tournament opportunities for youth players in Baltimore County. Baltimore Swarm started with 3 teams and 54 players their first year and in 2021 they have grown to 7 teams and 140 players. 

“Our approach to club sports and focus on supporting our multi-sport athletes have fueled this growth and this past season Swarm teams were able to win several tournaments and leagues in which they participated,” said Swarm Director Tony Hammond.  

“We have been recommending Powell products to our players for years because of the quality and consistency they provide,” said Hammond. “The Powell name is royalty in lacrosse circles and the opportunity to create a partnership with a company that makes products we believe in, with a lacrosse pedigree second to none is very exciting.”

Powell Lacrosse will provide uniforms, apparel, equipment, and lacrosse sticks to the Baltimore Swarm program and support them on Powell social media channels. Powell Lacrosse is proud to support up and coming programs like the Baltimore Swarm.

About Powell Lacrosse 

Powell Lacrosse is a premier lacrosse stick, gear, and apparel brand based out of Syracuse, New York. Founded in 2015, Powell Lacrosse strives to make the best lacrosse sticks in the world and to provide members with an unmatched level of customer service. 

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