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Powell Lacrosse is proud to announce its new partnership with the ULAX Lacrosse League. ULAX operates a network of lacrosse leagues for men and women throughout the United States and Canada.

ULAX is a giant in the world of recreational lacrosse, but has humble beginnings in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. ULAX was founded by two teammates playing for the University of Colorado, Tim Leonard and Neema Kassaii, in 2005.

Tim and Neema(Right), at the 2017 ULAX Founders Cup

Tim and Neema knew several lacrosse players on campus that decided not to come out for the club team who still wanted to play in a more casual setting. There was no local league in Boulder so they took it upon themselves to start their own to be able to play lacrosse with their buddies outside of the club team. These two teammates turned business partners created something special that year and soon began their mission to bring leagues to other cities with a similar need for an outlet to play lacrosse.

From this first small league in Boulder, Tim and Neema helped sprout lacrosse leagues all over the country to places like Denver, New York City, Chicago, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles as they grew the ULAX community. 14 years later, ULAX has expanded to have lacrosse leagues in 34 cities in over a dozen states and 1 Canadian Province. Several cities also boast Box lacrosse leagues allowing lacrosse to be played year-round in the colder northern cities.

There were approximately 6,000 players that played in a ULAX league in 2018 and this number will surely continue to grow in 2019. ULAX also hosts regional championships for the winning teams from each city providing a chance to compete against players from other parts of the country.

Tim and Neema are prime examples of pathfinders working hard to grow the game of lacrosse to new places and give those who may have never had the chance to play the opportunity to experience the sport. Their efforts have allowed thousands to play lacrosse in one of their leagues.

Players must be 18 or older to join a league so the skill level of the players varies from first timers, recent high school graduates, Division 1, 2, 3, and club college players, Professionals, and players still not willing to hang up the gloves. That is the beauty of ULAX. A first-year player might get the chance to play against a professional to see what someone can do with a lacrosse stick at the highest level. College players get the chance to work on their game in the offseason in a more relaxed, but competitive setting. Our own Casey Powell played in the Chicago ULAX league this past year.

Men’s and Women’s recreational lacrosse leagues are so important for the game of lacrosse. The time after someone’s high school, college, or professional lacrosse career ends is a time of uncertainty. Will I ever play lacrosse again? Will I ever get that feeling back of scoring a goal, making a save, winning a faceoff, or playing in a close game?

Lacrosse careers don’t have to end so early. ULAX gives players another chance to play the game they love and have that competitive experience again. Old match ups from high school or college can be relived in a ULAX league years later. Friends get to meet up once a week to play some lacrosse, tell stories on the sideline, and have a great time.

Tim and Neema are excited to be working with Powell Lacrosse and two legends of the game in Ryan and Casey Powell as this partnership will help ULAX become the premiere destination for all levels of lacrosse players looking for another chance to play.

Powell Lacrosse wishes Tim and Neema continued success and is looking forward to telling stories about ULAX players and helping ULAX expand to even more cities in 2019 as the lacrosse community grows every day.

Visit the ULAX website at if you are interested in developing a league or finding a league to play in and check out the ULAX social media pages for game photos and posts about their upcoming events.

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