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Dye-It & String-It Kit


The Dye-It & String-It Kit is a complete package with everything you need to design, dye & string up a brand new Powell Pioneer II head. The kit includes:

  • Pioneer II Head
  • White Frontier Mesh
  • Variety pack of colored strings
  • 8 packs of Rit Dye color packs
  • 12″ Vinyl Sticker sheet

Earn up to 85 Powell Points.

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The Dye-It & String-It Challenge

Because of the current situation (school / season canceled or postponed) we have decided to offer an incredible deal that you can get behind with some of the downtime that you now have on your schedule. We introduce the DYE-IT&STRING-IT challenge!

Here is how it works:

1. You purchase the DYE-IT&STRING-IT kit
*On or before April 1st, 2020
*If you already have the supplies and a Powell head, skip to #2!

2. You DYE-IT&STRING-IT and post it on Instagram
*On or before April 14th, 2020
*You must tag @powelllacrosse
*You must use #DyeItStringIt
*Providing a few photos / different angles is encouraged

3. Winners
*We will select winners and post one winner every day from April 15th – April 30th (16 total winners will be chosen)
*Everything that you do will get judged (DYE-IT&STRING-IT) so please post completed heads.
*Casey and Ryan Powell will be the only two judges for this contest, so if you don’t win take it up with them 🙂
*Winners will receive a brand new custom lacrosse stick
*No Purchase necessary. Winners will be selected from all Instagram submissions with the hashtag #DyeItStringIt, posted between March 20-April 14th.

Here are some resources to get you started:

The Dye-It & String-It Pack Includes:

A White Pioneer II Head of your choice. The wildly popular Attack, the ultra tough Defense, or the brand new Transition. All three have been designed for ultimate performance and endless stringing possibilities.

Our String Team cooked up a hefty assortment of strings with everything you need to string several heads in a ton of color combinations. You’ll also get a piece of white Frontier Mesh.

8 essential colors of Rit Dye packets and a blank sheet of vinyl sticker paper for cutouts and masks. Check out this guide for mixing colors.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in
Head Type

Transition, Attack, Defense

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  1. Ian Wildermuth

    The mesh is a little harder than my personal preference, the strings came not tipped which was a little annoying, came with a pair of socks and a written message from Ryan Powell which was cool, overall I would recommend because the head alone is $85 and it’s a steal I did the math and your saving around $45 (valued strings at around $10 at the time, but could be more), come with way more strings and shooters than I thought which was nice of them, good assortment of dye, strings, and shooters, but if you have a softer mesh I would recommend putting an option for the type of mesh people want.

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