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Frontier Mesh


Uniquely woven from low stretch polyester fibers right here in the United States, this ten diamond weatherproof performance mesh piece is among the lightest and toughest in the world.  Coming in at just 24 grams Frontier Mesh is pliable yet substantial.  Its made to play and made to play hard. The combination of high end fibers and an extensive all-terrain coating process creates a hold that stringers can sculpt and players can rip with.


Earn up to 15 Powell Points.

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A look in to the development of Powell’s Frontier Mesh

Get a Pioneer Head strung with the Powell Pocket featuring Frontier Mesh

8 reviews for Frontier Mesh

  1. Ryan Carroll

    Great semi-soft mesh better than the other $20-35 mesh out there

  2. Colin Lewis (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome! Better than a lot of the other stuff out there that is priced higher and it feels more consistent and doesn’t bag out as much. I would definitely suggest giving Frontier mesh a try

  3. Zander Leitzke (verified owner)

    Best mesh on the markey by far! Superior consistency with crazy hold.

  4. Brayden Moore (verified owner)

    Growing the game the right way. Affordable mesh with outstanding performance

  5. cody carson (verified owner)

    very stringable, and great option at the price point. comparable to ECD heromesh

  6. Chris Datz (verified owner)

    Best mesh for the price

  7. Matthew Williams

    Best ever!!! Every weather condition even in a midwest snow storm. A year of abuse and still the first stick ill pick up. Switching my other heads over to frontier mesh. Love it

  8. Nick Ro (verified owner)

    This stuff is legit. Great price point and incredible performance. Easy to string and awesome hold, even on my old-school wide head. Definitely my new favorite mesh.

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