Pioneer II Attack

The Pioneer II Attack has a beautiful open face that provides a really easy catch or ground ball in traffic, but it also creates a narrow channel, which keeps the balls securely held in place. It’s a situation of finding a sweet spot in head design, and this head nails it. This balance maximizes accuracy when shooting or passing, and the natural pocket channel combined with a lowered sidewall provide the perfect pocket placement, hold, and feel.

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12 reviews for Pioneer II Attack

  1. Kyle Batt


  2. Marcelo Balepogi

    Feels good

  3. Eric

    This head is the real deal. Have them string it too with the Powell Pocket.

  4. John Tallman

    The prestrung Pioneer II quickly became my go to stick. It’s worth adding the Powell pocket.

  5. Tim Bailey

    We visited the store in Manlius during the first Christmas that Powell was in business. Ryan was on the phone dealing with orders, but came in and spoke with my son Jack for about 15 minutes. He gave Jack a really cool Powell winter pom pom hat and an original unstrung Pioneer head. Needless to say, Jack is a big fan of all things Powell. We have a Woodshop shaft made by Mike and have purchased several heads and shafts over the years, most recently a Pioneer II in Kelly Green. Everything is made for the player and built to last! Keep up the great work Powell!

  6. Todd

    The Pioneer II (and I) Attack heads perform as expected. The narrow head and tight throat allows for seamless ball retention and control. The stringing holes are a plenty and allow for customization of your pocket to meet whatever preference you may have. The precision and consistency of the ball release is unmatched, I’ve been able to fine tune the perfect amount of whip to have just the right amount of increased hold for a harder shot. I have a number of Pioneer Attacks and I’ve strung each of them identically and they all perform beautifully. I won’t buy another brand at this point.

  7. Ben Romanowski

    Tremendous head. Holds up nice under bad conditions, does not warp easily. Easily one of my favorite heads

  8. theparkfamily411

    Just received the Pioneer II today! Was really impressed with the design of the head (that ball stopper gives it a really polished look!). It’s very sturdy and looks amazing. We purchased it during the sale and got an amazing price including a custom Powell Pocket with triangle top strings. The channel feels perfect and will definitely create a rocket-like release when needed, while providing perfect hold when dodging. This was the second one Powell sent to us (the first one was stolen off our front porch post delivery – hopefully by someone who has a son that will try LAX.) At no fault of their own, Powell stepped up huge and offered to send us a a replacement and we made sure to stay outside and wait on the mailman to deliver so it didn’t happen again. It was worth the wait! Thank you Ryan!

  9. Jim Snavely (verified owner)

    The Powell Attack II is a great head. My son has been using Powell heads for 3 yrs now and loves them. He likes to try different heads but alwayz ends up getting the Attack II. Playing middie and attack in Field and Box for many teams and practicing 2 hours a day give tbe heads a tough test and they are always reliable Colors a great too.

  10. Tim Bailey

    We stopped in to see the shop in Manlius during Christmas time a few years back. Ryan was on the phone outside dealing with orders, but he came in and spoke with my son Jack for about 15 – 20 minutes… he went out back and gave Jack a cool Powell pom pom winter hat and an original unstrung Pioneer head. Needless to say, Ryan created fans (and customers) for life that day! We have picked up a lot of Powell stick, heads and apparel over the years since, including a Tidewater Woodshop shaft made by Mike. It currently has a Kelly Green Pioneer II Attack head on it! Like everything Powell makes, its built for players and made to last! Keep up the great work Ryan and the whole Powell team!

  11. Timothy Ripley (verified owner)

    I love this head. It strings really well and is very durable, even in the African sun. I have bought about 7 of them to give away to guys on my team who are just starting out

  12. Garth Bailey

    Ordered the Pioneer Attack 2 with the bloodline shaft and the Powell Pocket this is my favorite Head that I have found in 40 years of LAX. I coach a Travel Club and a High School team and am that cheese coach that has a stick in the same colors as the teams I coach. I ordered one in black red color scheme. Received it out of the box it was good to go. I am pretty particular with how I like my sticks strung and I did not even have to adjust a shooter. Loved it so much I just my received my second one in my other teams colors yesterday! Love this head the second one I also added the mighty black shaft I love it as well.

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Designed specifically for Attackmen

The head can take the abuse, and give it right back whether you’re cradling with one hand or dodging through traffic with two hands on the stick.

Built To Last

The Pioneer II Attack’s sidewall features two strong rails, which provide an ultra stiff construction and give the head lasting durability

Get It Strung

Get this head strung by a member of the Powell String Team. Our stringers are among the best in the world and every head that leaves our door is tested for unmatched quality and accuracy.

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