Pioneer II Attack


The Pioneer II Attack has a beautiful open face that provides a really easy catch or ground ball in traffic, but it also creates a narrow channel, which keeps the balls securely held in place. It’s a situation of finding a sweet spot in head design, and this head nails it. This balance maximizes accuracy when shooting or passing, and the natural pocket channel combined with a lowered sidewall provide the perfect pocket placement, hold, and feel.

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Designed specifically for Attackmen & Mid Fielders

The head can take the abuse, and give it right back whether you’re cradling with one hand or dodging through traffic with two hands on the stick.


The Pioneer II Attack’s sidewall features two strong rails, which provide an ultra stiff construction and give the head lasting durability


Get this head strung by a member of the Powell String Team. Our stringers are among the best in the world and every head that leaves our door is tested for unmatched quality and accuracy.

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