Pioneer II Defense

The Pioneer II Defense has a classic wide face shape, but it also gives stringers the ability to create a channeled pocket for control and accuracy. The switch in skillset from picking off a pass with ease to picking up an assist in transition just got a little easier! By giving defenders the best of both worlds, this head has what it takes to be any truly talented defensive player’s instrument of choice.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in


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4 reviews for Pioneer II Defense

  1. Luke W.

    This was a Christmas gift and for the two days I’ve had it, it has proved a very good option for an LSM or offensive close defenders. Stringing holes are a little thin, but it is easy enough. Just an overall good head.

  2. Tonay (verified owner)

    I broke up with my Revo 3 for this and love it. It has a similar shape as the Revo, though a bit more pinch… I would almost describe this as a Revo 4. This is an LSM head all day and plenty strong for close D (I play both). Not the stiffest out there, but its flexible in the right ways; rock solid on pokes but mild flex laterally (slaps and such).

  3. Rob

    Good pinched head shape and really good stringing job. Not really sturdy enough for my style of play on a pole but I moved it to a shorty and love it for that.

  4. Jacob Ingle

    Great for Defense. I’ve used this head for a year now and have never needed a newer one. The shaft with it makes all the different. If you need a starter this is the perfect head for you

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Designed specifically for Defensemen

The Pioneer II Defense head has a classic wide face shape, but this head also has a channeled pocket for control and accuracy for the truly well rounded defensive player.


The sidewalls feature three sturdy rails, with the lower two rails getting reinforced to the front of the face with reverse struts, maintaining strength and rigidity without adding weight.


Get this head strung by a member of the Powell String Team. Our stringers are among the best in the world and every head that leaves our door is tested for unmatched quality and accuracy.

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