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The Switchback Lacrosse Gloves provide the ultimate connection to your stick and feel broken in and ready for play, right from day 1.The silky smooth AxSuede palms, lightweight and tough protective materials, and the FlexZone along the knuckles create the ultimate glove for function and feel. Whether they are black, white, or a custom team order, put on a pair of Switchbacks and feel the real!

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3 reviews for Switchback Gloves

  1. Joshua Nelson (verified owner)

    If you play lacrosse, you know there is a big difference between holding the shaft in your barehand vs. the traditional bulky glove. Well, the Switchback Gloves are the closest thing to playing barehanded I’ve ever felt. I’ve had various gloves from different companies in my years of playing, but nothing matches the fabric on the palm of the Switchbacks. It’s an absolute gamechanger.

    Grab a pair and you’ll feel the difference.

    (I’m not a paid spokesperson, just a longtime player who wants to spread the good word)

  2. Rob

    These gloves get a 5 for comfort, flexibility, and protection but only a 3 for durability. Several holes in the palms after about 18-20 days of use.

  3. Alex Cobb

    I was given these as a 29th birthday gift (I know, getting old blah blah blah). They have held up for 2 field seasons and 1 box season so far without any wear and tear. I grew up watching all 3 Powell brothers play and couldn’t wait to try their gear out. My Switchback gloves and complete stick have been a great addition to my arsenal and I look forward to supporting this business in the future.

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AxSuede palms provide the ultimate connection to your stick

FlexZone allows for more movement, with all the protection

Ready to go when you first put them on, and still ready to go 365 days later

Custom Design Options are available for Team Orders!