The Mighty Black Pro has been redesigned and reengineered to give players all of the benefits of composites, without sacrificing the benefits of the best metal shafts. At only 145 grams, the new Mighty Black PRO Pro is still incredibly light, but now it’s also incredibly stiff, with zero flex, giving you both the power AND consistency you crave out of a composite shaft.

The LIGHTEST, STRONGEST, and MOST POPULAR Bloodline shaft series just got an update, and it’s better than ever! The new Bloodline PRO shaft features a new variable wall, which makes our most premium even stronger, while keeping it light and perfectly stiff.


Built on the foundation of our wildly popular Flight 22 Shaft, the Switchback is made from a POWELL PROPRIETARY ADVANCED ALLOY KNOWN AS 7U1. Aggressive graphics and a wide range of vibrant colors make the Switchback a incredibly versatile shaft. Whether you’re a lightning fast middie that rips on the run or a slashing attackman with an arsenal of fakes and stick wizardry – the Switchback was made for you.

Shaft Only



Complete Stick





Include a Pioneer Head in the color of your choice and Frontier Mesh (Glacier Ghost White), strung with the Powell Pocket by a certified member of the Powell String Team.


Get a breakdown of the complete line of shafts and see which one fits your playing style.