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Everyone loves playing lacrosse on a beautiful Spring day – the weather is perfect, the sun is out, fans come out to watch, and we all know it’s lacrosse season.

A lot of people look to these wonderful spring days as the biggest lacrosse days of the year, and maybe they are, but they are not the most important days of the year, because those are the days when you get out there when few others are, and putting in the extra work.

For us, growing up near the Canadian border, this meant a lot of snow lacrosse. It meant getting outside with your friends, having fun, competing, trying new things, and ultimately, getting better! When other kids looked outside and said “I’ll practice tomorrow”, we saw it (and still see it!) as an invitation to play the game we love with friends. Snow days may have been a day off from school, but they were NOT a day off from lacrosse. They were days FULL of lacrosse!

There was always something so special about playing a game of pick up lacrosse, or backyard lacrosse, in the snow. The snow made the ground a little slippery, and it allowed for more dives, while requiring some sneaky play and great passing. It required additional skill, and the bulky jackets we wore acted as pads, and we really got after it out there, through (mostly) honest competition.

There were never any coaches around for this stuff when we were kids. It was never that organized, and it was never mandatory. It was just us, playing the game we wanted to be playing, out in the elements. Sure, we broke some sticks and got some bruises, but the memories of playing in the snow with friends will never fade for us, and none of it couldn’t be solved a cup of hot cocoa afterwards. They were truly meaningful moments in our childhoods.

The memories and benefits listed out above are why we created the Great Upstate Snow Game with Powell Lacrosse. We realize that kids today do a lot more organized activity than simply playing pick up with friends, so we created an event that was organized, but that also held on to the best parts of our old games in the backyard.

As Blaze Riorden so correctly said to us,

“It’s always important to get back to the roots of the game, and the Powell snow games brought out the kid in all of us, reminding us all we need is a ball, our sticks, and good friends”

From youth to the pros, players came out to enjoy a game of lacrosse in the snow, and Blaze’s words were on display all day long. The kids got to have fun with friends, learn, try new things, and improve. The pros got the act like kids again, and just play for fun. It was beautiful to see all these generations playing at the same place, cheering each other on, and running around in the snow.

John Lade, another pro in attendance for the event, added afterwards,

“The Great Upstate Snow Game was a blast. It was great to see players of all ages playing backyard lacrosse. It really shows the passion that exists for this sport.”

That’s what it’s all about for us – PASSION.

We love this game. We love it so much we don’t look at playing in the snow as a chore, but instead, we look at it as a great opportunity. It’s another chance to play. And we’ll take any chance we can get, and do so with a smile our on faces.

On a snowy day, don’t sit inside on the couch. Find some friends, bundle up, and get out to play snow lacrosse. We remember our childhood games three decades later, and you will too.

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