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In the heat of the moment your feet produce more sweat than pretty much anywhere else on your body.  Sports socks were invented to help carry moisture off the skin so it can release through evaporation. Wool socks were invented to prevent frostbite. And argyle socks were made for nerds and Payne Stewart. 

Socks have come a long way in terms of their stitch quality, pattern and material make-up.  However, one thing has remained the same — their popularity in sports.  Socks are a very important part of lacrosse.  According to, you can’t even participate if your not wearing mid-calf socks.

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As we briefly look back on the history of socks in lacrosse we can’t help but notice that it’s very cyclical in nature and we are currently trending back towards the days of the late 80’s. 


We pick up in the 70’s where it was all about the stripes (which would return later in the early 90’s with Princeton’s emergence on the Championship scene). 


The 80’s were led by one of the most famous lacrosse fashion leaders of all time “Z” (John Zulberti). Outside of the orange Chuck Taylor’s, the Z man was all about socks.  He loved them and you could tell how much he loved them by the shear amount of sock material he added to his feet.  He would sometimes wear his socks all the way up past the knee and he would scrunch them down in championship games.  We believe that if they made socks that he could pull up to his shoulders he would wear them. 


The 90’s, much like the music, was suffering from an identity crisis.  They were caught in that awkward stage. See Chumbawamba – Tubthumping We had the ivy leaguers wearing the stripes from the seventies, others wearing shorties and some just electing to wear no socks at all.

Well, that brings us to the 2000’s.  Crew socks (mid-calf) have pretty much been the mainstay of this millennium thus far.  Sock construction and material offerings have greatly increased over the past 15 years and our brand new Powell Socks put this on display.  A polyester/cotton/nylon/spandex blend provides superior moisture wicking technology and thicker weave on the heel and toe gives you a nice cushiony bounce in your step.  These babies are perfect for games, practices, proms, weddings — you name it.  These versatile socks are perfect for any occasion and are now available in three colors…check them out here.

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Whether you are hiking a mountain, playing in a game or just wanting to look good – these Powell crew socks will do the trick. Moisture wicking material along with reinforced heel and toe fabric make this an incredibly comfortable and versatile sock.

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