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The pocket is the heart of the stick. After you have the right shaft and the right head its time to focus on the piece of equipment that has the most contact with the ball — the pocket. There’s no piece of equipment that will directly effect your game more than your stringing set up. If you’ve been following Field Exploration then you’re well aware that we reference patterns and stringing technique quite often. We do that because we think its important and something that helps stringers of all skill levels become better and ultimately create great performing pockets that enhance their game. If you walk into any lacrosse retail store in the country you will most likely see a wall of unstrung heads. From a distance they all look the same, but if you inspect them closer you’ll notice several differences in face shape, profile and stringing hole layout. Some may be major and obvious differences like gradual offsets and extreme offsets. Others however may be hard to recognize and need to be explored further.

Each head deserves its very own pattern.  The best stringers in the world won’t string two different heads using the same pattern.  After months of experience and research Sam developed a pattern that fits the Pioneer perfectly and creates an awesome channel, with a quick release and extreme hold. There are 32 sidewall holes in the Pioneer so Sam chose a pattern that grips the mesh to the plastic for extreme feel all while leaving room for shooters. Obviously there are variations to patterns based on personal preference but we believe the Powell pattern is by far the best option and a strong foundation when it comes to the Pioneer.

Our sidewall pattern is simple yet complex and if you want to find out how we string it give this video a look.  As always we encourage everyone to give stringing a shot — it will help become more in touch with your set up and allow you to make in game adjustments when you trouble arises.

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  1. I watched the whole knot to mention series and was really impressed, Have since strung a warrior rabil head of my sons with the methods sam demonstrated in the videos with the exception of the transitional triangle top string. Could not pick up enough detail from the video to do it. I knew how to tie a traditional triangle topstring but the way sam ties them with the string hidden from underneath intrigues me. would like maybe another more detailed video of this method with more details of the first knot and the second knots up close. Although i did try to figure it out, it never turned out quite right, woukld really appreciate this. Keep up the good work !!!!

  2. Custom string advantages of your lacrosse sticks to the perfect pocket. This hinders the players’ ability to make a quality pass or to take an accurate shot. Soft mesh is one of the main culprits and is found in most of the lower end/starter sticks. This will restring your stick with a high-quality pocket designed to improve your passing, catching, shooting, and overall enjoyment of the game.

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