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You have heard of the Winter Olympic Games, but have you ever heard of the Great Upstate Snow Games?

On Sunday, February 17th, lacrosse players of all ages will gather on a snowy field outside of Syracuse, New York to play lacrosse on a field of snow rather than grass or turf. There could be a foot of snow on the ground and lacrosse players will always tough it out and find a way to play. The 4th Annual Powell Lacrosse Snow Games will be a celebration of backyard style lacrosse as players will battle in the cold and play for Snow Games glory.

The Powell Lacrosse Snow Games started in 2016 as day of pick up lacrosse with good friends and has evolved into a full fledged tournament with divisions for the young and old. Games will be 3V3 full court where there are no coaches or a rulebook just improvisation, skill, and a love of lacrosse. In addition to the 3V3 games, players can participate in an accuracy toss, a snowball radar shot, and a snowball bucket toss to really test their skills in the extreme conditions.

The games are played with no gear other than a stick so past games have seen players in galoshes, snow pants, cleats, sweatpants, hunting jackets, and more as really anything goes to stay warm and protected from the elements as well as competitive opponents. Bloody noses, Air Gaits, snowballs, trips, slips, and highlight reel goals and saves have all been seen on the snowy fields of past games with many more to come in this year’s edition.

The beauty of the Snow Games is that it’s an opportunity for the kids get to play with their friends in a more relaxed atmosphere and the older guys get to feel like kids again as they slide around in the snow just playing for fun. Playing in the snow requires extra skill to scoop the ball out of the snow, shoot on the smaller net, and play with numb fingers. To win your team must put on a display of unrivaled toughness, bruising defense, and creative stickwork.

The Powell Brothers gained many of their legendary skills not on a practice field, but in the backyard letting their creativity flow freely. They played in the heat, rain, and of course snow not letting any weather come in the way of their never ending competitions. The Snow Games bring the spirit of their backyard games back to life and get back to the sports roots where all that was needed was a ball, sticks, and friends to play with.

So if you are in the Syracuse area come on out to the Swan Pond Field in Manlius, New York to watch the world famous snow lacrosse games and share in this unique experience as we will stay warm through friendly competition and a love of the game.

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