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Decades ago it was much harder to get two sticks that would throw the same with the long break in time and fine tuning required for traditional pockets. Lacrosse players had to patiently work with their stick every day to be able to play with it consistently and having a second stick ready to play with was difficult.

In 2019, new mesh and stringing technology has cut down that time completely with sticks being ready to use right out of the box and stringing a stick being easier than ever before. We have come a long way from the old horror stories of “factory stringing.” Today prestrung sticks have great pockets in them that players can start practicing or playing with immediately.

Powell Lacrosse pride’s itself on selling prestrung heads and complete sticks that require no fine tuning and will throw true the moment you pick one up.

With all this improvement in the quality and break in time of sticks, why is there still an epidemic of players having backup sticks they cannot play with or not having one at all?

I’ve seen countless young players who only bring one stick to practice, a summer tournament, or even a high school game believing having their one perfect stick is good enough. In youth and high school lacrosse, it can be difficult for everybody to have two sticks if they cannot afford it. I often remember letting a teammate use an old shaft or other teammates selling their old sticks for very cheap so that everyone would have the required two sticks needed to play on most travel or varsity teams.

Having two sticks that you can pick up and play with at any time is potentially a game saver. If your team’s star attackman breaks a sidewall string, their head cracks, or shaft snaps in the last 5 minutes of a game and they do not have a backup stick, there is almost nothing that can be done especially if the player has been using the same stick all season. There is no way they can pick up someone else’s stick and perform the same way they would with their own. You do not want to be the one to let your team down.

Many college players are spoiled as they get two new sticks every season to ensure they have a backup, but you would be surprised how many Division 1 lacrosse players would not be able to play the same if they had to pick up their backup stick from the sideline and use it. I’m sure many players can relate as I remember several practices where my coach told us to drop our game sticks and use our backups all practice instead. Plenty of passes went straight into the ground or flew above players heads as we quickly found our way to the sideline to do sprints. It is the responsibility of each player to having two interchangeable sticks they can use at any time to set themselves and their team up for success.

Some players can go whole seasons using the same stick and having no problems, while others go through a stick every few weeks. Breaking a head is much more devastating than a shaft. Finally getting that perfectly strung head is like finally having the right tool for your craft. It lets you sling passes right into your teammate’s stick or score shots on the run every time. Cradling the ball in that stick just feels right as you run down the field or dodge a defender without fear.

Why not have two of these perfect sticks?

So the next time you go to play wall ball or shoot, put down your gamer and pick up your backup. If anything getting comfortable with your backup stick will allow you to get more reps as well as a better understanding of exactly how you like your sticks strung. You will become a better lacrosse player from it and a more prepared young man or woman.

For those still needing a backup stick or looking for their new gamer, Powell Lacrosse has prestrung heads and complete sticks strung by our Powell String Team that are ready for players to use right out of the box. If you buy two Powell prestrung heads or complete sticks then the only choice you will have to make is which stick to use first.

Look out for deals on sticks and equipment throughout the month of March and get yourself ready to make your teammates jealous as you pick up your backup confidently knowing it is ready to score goals.

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