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Our first meeting as a group was roughly two years ago while sitting around a dinner table in Upstate New York.  Ryan explained his vision for Powell and how he wanted to not only make the best sticks in the world but also change the lacrosse landscape in the process. Words like “authenticity” and “honesty” were hammered into his message.  We sat and talked for hours, passionately discussing the unique elements that make lacrosse the greatest game in the world. We shared our thoughts on the current state of the game, where it is going and how we can help support it properly.  We left the dinner table that night full of focused energy and incredible excitement — Powell Lacrosse was officially born.


The two years following this meeting were spent planning, designing, building the team and generating ideas.  We kept coming back to those two words that were mentioned in our first meeting, authenticity and honesty.  We knew from the get go that the only way we could possibly accomplish our mission was to be ourselves and nothing else.  We couldn’t chase trends, thats just not our style.  Producing products that we don’t believe in or wouldn’t use ourselves was just not an option. We aren’t businessmen, we’re lacrosse players first.

We also look at this brand as an opportunity to step up as guardians of the game and focus on preserving its incredible culture.  The sports history is completely unique, unmatched and impossible to overlook.  “Where Tradition Meets Technology” is a message that accompanied our website launch because we want our members to know that we aren’t forging ahead aimlessly.  All of our decisions are based on our experience and the experiences of those before us.  Of course we will be using the most cutting edge materials ever but we will never lose sight of where this game came from. If we lose sight of the past, we have no future.

capsIt was this thought in particular that gave birth to our official icon.  We have received several questions from our members related to the design of our icon.  What is it?  What does it mean?  Why is it crooked?  Well, let us explain.

The first thing that you will most likely notice is that it’s a tilted letter “P”.  That needs no explanation.  You may also figure out that it resembles the profile of a lacrosse stick holding a ball.  However, what you may not see is that it’s also the eye of an owl.  We knew that our logo needed to reflect nature and where we came from.  We did months of research on owls and even went as far as visiting the birds of prey observatory in Boise, Idaho to get a close up look and better understanding of these forest dwellers. Owls are extremely common in the woods around West Carthage, NY so it certainly fit our authenticity requirement. Owls are known for their incredible eye sight and silent flight.  They are often times referred to in folklore as the wisest of all living things because of their patience and ability to view the entire forest floor. We have a birds eye view of lacrosse as a whole and plan to protect it with wisdom, patience and vision.


So that explains “The Birth of the Eyecon”.  When you cross a “P” with an Owl —you get a Powell.  Thanks so much for reading our first entry into the Field Exploration lacrosse journal.  We thank all of you for the support thus far and welcome you to continue on with us as we journey forward. We are honored to have you as a member.

Powell Lacrosse SticksIt’s In The Blood.

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  1. I went to the rhino lacrosse camp in Portland maine with some of my teammates. We had a blast while we were there. More importantly we learned a great amount of knowledge from all the coaches there. I no longer stand in front of my net and rip shots as fast as I can. I have become a better player because of Powell lacrosse and Rhino lacrosse. I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done and keep up what you are doing.

    P.S. I absolutely love my Powell pioneer and flight 22. It is the perfect head for any player no matter what level of play they are in.

  2. That is AWESOME ~ love how the eyecon came to be!
    WHEN you all get some women’s tees let me know I would love to be the first to order and show off over here in Oregon!

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