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We are happy to say that we DSC01342are now locally manufacturing the Pioneer head in jet black using the same strength plastics and processes as our white heads.  After talking with stick designers, dyers and customizers from around the world we implemented a process that utilizes a coloring agent prior to the injection process and allows the stick to be colored all the way through rather than just the surface like a dye.  Most amateur dyers (even some professionals) have a great deal of difficulty achieving a deep black dye job and we noticed that over time the black dyed heads become a dirty purple color after a few games in the sun.  By offering an all black Pioneer we open up the doors on customization and self expression all while maintaining the strongest emphasis on quality.

We were having a catch last month and started talking about a creative way to introduce this new head option to our members.  We discussed the timing of the release which was set to fall on college lacrosse’s biggest weekend and America’s weekend of remembrance.  After about 300 passes back and forth we arrived at the Black Box.

Repurposing used military ammunition boxes seemed like an awesome tie into the weekend and a cool way to launch the sleek new black heads.  We decided that the Woodshop would be a perfect platform to showcase a cool new design, some unique packaging and combine it with matching collection of items that make it special.  Like most things we do in the Woodshop, the boxes themselves were selected, cleaned and designed by hand to match the Pioneer.  Using a matte black cover and a high gloss acrylic logo application we were able to achieve a very clean and tough looking box.  The box is what the military refers to as a S.A.W. or Squad Automatic Weapon box which again we thought was a cool connection with our saw blade Woodshop logo.  

Inside the box we obviously included the all black Pioneer head and we had our StringTeam leader Sam Chidester hand tie ten of them in all black using the Powell pattern that he designed specifically for the Pioneer. The black East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh and StringKing strings makes these heads down right dirty.  

Also included in the collection is a sticker pack, a pair of performance crew socks, a black pocket tee, a tin of the industry leading eye black, and a hand pulled screen printed collectors card complete with a personalized message for the new owner.

The Black Box series is now sold out. You can still check it out here and be sure to keep an eye out for future Woodshop releases.


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