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Head-WarrantyAs we all know, lacrosse games can sometimes showcase impeccable stick work, finesse and grace.  The ball can sometimes fly around the field like its on a tightly wound string, never touching the ground and always finding the mark.  The dodges can be clean and resemble artful gymnasts or broadway dancers.  But MOST times lacrosse is an absolute battle filled with heavy hits, muddy ground balls and monster checks.  We think that’s just another reason why we love it so much, it’s a perfect marriage of grace and brutality.

With that being said, we as manufacturers feel a serious responsibility to provide players with equipment that can handle both of these extremes.  We are all lacrosse players here at Powell and we’ve been involved in just about every in-game scenario that a player can possibly experience — from 3v3 beach games to bench clearing NLL brawls.  So when it comes to product research and development we pull on our experience first. 

We’ve played all our lives so we’re confident in what players genuinely want and need to perform to the very best of their ability. One thing that’s different about our company is that we’re designing products for us as much as we are for you.  We want to play with the best ourselves, we design our products with reliability and speed in mind.

Then its on to testing. Although our engineers conduct multiple tests aimed to simulate game play using machines in controlled environments we know that those findings are only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the preparedness of our products. I guess this goes back to our love for being hands on and doing as much ourselves as possible.  We test them in games ourselves — we test them in parking lots, driveways and hockey rinks. We test them when its sub zero, 70 degrees and when its blazing hot.  We test them in wet games, dry games, misty games, day games and night games. We believe this is the only way we can truly get a feel for what we are putting in the hands of players. 


After we feel strongly that the product is ready to go to market we get it in the hands of players from around the world so they can test and give us feedback on their experiences.  We understand that all players play the game differently and have unique opinions on what works for them.  We also know that the game is played differently in different parts of the world and sometimes requires intricate detailing. This is extremely valuable information that we pay very close attention to.

Once our focus groups have circled back with us and we officially go to market we back it up with an industry leading no hassle 12 month warranty.  We do this out of confidence. We’re confident in our products and want you to be confident in using it.  Lacrosse equipment is a major financial investment for most of us so we want our customers to feel great when purchasing a Powell product.  We offer this warranty not because we expect our products to fail, we offer it because we know how extreme lacrosse can be and how accidents can happen.  We offer this warranty so you don’t have to worry about that and can play hard knowing that we have your back.

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