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The Custom Stick Barn

We had an amazing time this past weekend at the 10th annual Cornfield Classic lacrosse tournament in Tully, NY. As our trucks and trailers came over the rolling upstate countryside littered with dairy cows and soaring silos we were welcomed to town by an old school sign that read “Lacrosse Families Welcome”.Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.58.39 AM Although small in size, Tully has made a huge impact on the lacrosse landscape by producing a large batch of great college and professional players —most notably the All-American National Champion Hardy Brothers. It’s a special tight-knit community that is very supportive of the sport of lacrosse and this sign was our first indication of that emotion.

Set up was smooth as we built out the handmade 20’ x 20’ Powell Custom Stick Barn. Lacrosse families began rolling in carrying coolers, umbrellas, water jugs, lawn chairs and of course lacrosse equipment.  The weather started out a bit chilly and raining in this hardworking blue collar town, but as the lacrosse action heated up the weather followed suit.

It was great to talk with old friends and meet knew ones over the course of two days.  There is something so special about the lacrosse community that makes us extremely proud to call ourselves lacrosse players.  There were 121 teams in attendance at this years event and the tournament went off with out a hitch.  Everyone was happy and smiling throughout the weekend, the tournament organizers did an outstanding job setting up the event and keeping the games rolling. 

Inside the Powell Custom Stick Barn the tunes were pumping and the sticks were swinging.  With over 48 custom sticks hung on the walls of “The Barn” we were having fun with colors and unique set ups.  Our Chief Pattern Maker Sam drove in from Portland, Maine and remained onsite the entire weekend to string up every Pioneer purchased to the customers liking.  With over 5000 different custom color options for stringing and product set ups, the Powell Custom Stick Barn was a super fun project to be a part of. A big thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello.



Here is our top 10 favorite things from our experience at the Cornfield Classic:

#10. The Italian Wedding Soup

#9. The Coffee

#8. The Catch-A-Rooski

#7. The womb-like atmosphere created by 30 bails of straw (R-600 Insulation Value)

#6. The 4th bowl of Italian Wedding Soup

#5. The bounce back bucket toss

#4. Ryan’s beard

#3. The 9th bowl of Italian Wedding Soup

#2. The games

#1. The family vibe (lots of hugs)

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  1. Wow I concur on almost all fronts with that top ten list !!! I would rank Rynos beard though number 3 just above that 9th bowl of Italian wedding soup . I still can’t get that beard out of my mind!

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