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If you went through any lacrosse players dresser right now you would find roughly 7 or 8 tee shirts buried in the back of the bottom drawer.  These tee shirts would have bright colored tournament logos plastered on the back and left chest, some random companies you’ve never heard of branded on the sleeves, a Hanes Beefy T tag, a giant stain from sitting in the bottom of a bag for weeks and they would range in size from youth large to XXXXL.

Freedom2These tees were either given to them, found in the parking lot, passed down from an older sibling or their team won them 5 years ago.  Any way you shake it begs the question — why do we keep these things?  What is it about these shirts that prevents us from shredding them into shop rags? The answer is simple — because they’re lacrosse shirts.

We as lacrosse players are very passionate about our sport.  This is one of the top reasons why the lacrosse culture and community is so unique and special.  We are all very proud to be a part of this historic game with a backbone like no other.

Timberline-FrontIt’s this emotion that led us to our entrance into making lacrosse specific apparel. Shirts that you want on your shoulders and not stuffed in your closet. We feel like lacrosse clothes should match the sport.  The sport is broken in, classic and filled with nostalgia. The sport is clean, fast and simple at the core but as you peel back the layers you reveal incredible complexity and boat loads of intricacies. So our first run of tee shirts matches this vibe by using vintage soft fabrics, distressed silk screened graphics and classic comfortable fits. Like everything we do here at Powell we’ve spent countless hours focused on design, researching fabrics, stitch patterns, and graphic treatments because the sport deserves only the very best.

Over the course of the next year you will see our store grow tremendously with a steady stream of new lacrosse specific apparel and soft goods. We have put together a team with over 20 years of experience in the fashion and fabric industry that will spearhead this division to assure that we are putting only the highest quality threads in the hands of lacrosse players from all over the world.

It’s our mission to get lacrosse shirts out of the bottom drawer of the dresser and straight to the top shelf where they belong.

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