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The experience matters. Once you hit the “add to cart” button on a Powell product we view that as the very beginning of our relationship together. Because we are a small and nimble company we have the ability to bake flavor into everything we do and all that we make. This week we released two boxed collections – both of which are geared towards celebrating the Powell shopping experience as well as rewarding our customers with cool and unique items.

Getting a new stick in the mail is an awesome experience for any player. We want to make that moment even more special by including some thoughtful items. Monday we launched 10 handmade one-of-a-kind boxes in the Woodshop™ that featured dyed heads, unique string jobs, an artist signed hand pulled screen printed poster, a limited edition tee shirt, a pair of performance socks and 10 stickers. The distressed vintage pine box was made to look like the old shipping boxes that were used in earlier times and featured brass hinged hardware.

Powell Lacrosse

Following this release we introduced the wooden box’s cardboard cousin – The Powell Pack. Again, aimed at celebrating the experience and providing great value to our members the Powell Pack gives you a chance to get a hand strung Pioneer for a great price and we throw in a bunch of cool items at no additional charge. We love lacrosse and what it stands for so why not support it in a cool and creative way that reflects the vibe of the sport and its players.


We will continue to explore the field and find more creative ways to create stronger bonds with our members. We appreciate you shopping with us very much and we want you to know that we are thinking about you every step of the way.

Select items inside the Powell Pack are limited edition and will only be sold while supplies last. To view the Powell Pack product page, click here. We are thinking inside and outside the box.

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