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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the pocket is the heart of the stick. As we set out on this incredibly fun journey a year ago to become the best stick builders in the world, we took a good hard look at what makes great sticks great. We arrived at the conclusion that EVERYTHING matters and even the smallest details contribute to the overall feel of the set up. So we as a company made the decision to focus our energy on every single detail involved with a stick build and really broke it down. We went from the tip of the the scoop to the base of the end cap and looked at how we can make better sticks that truly help players like us.

This may seem backwards but we make sticks for us first and then we sell them. If we don’t like what we create then we send it right back to the drawing board and brainstorm on how we can make it better. This is exactly why we’ve waited until now to release a mesh piece that we are confident in and happy to get in the heads of the world’s best.

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MeshLineup2When we started researching mesh and how we could do it our way we started with a foundational statement — “lets make a high performance, tough, lightweight, weatherproof mesh much more affordable and accessible to stringers and players everywhere.” This statement kicked off the creation of Frontier Mesh and really helped put guardrails on our research and development. Mesh matters, there’s no doubt, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank to tie it in. We’ve been playing lacrosse forever and it was always frustrating to get a new stick and then have to spend so much extra money to string it. It’s like buying an 80 dollar pair of shoes and then paying 30 dollars extra for the laces.

“Good for everything a good mesh ought to be good for”

This is a tagline that you will find on the packaging and its one that we believe fits this mesh perfectly. Bottomline, mesh should just work. Frontier Mesh is for the players that just want to play and don’t want to worry about the fabric in their head. We’ve all at one time or another been playing catch with someone, thrown a bad pass and watched the ball sail over their head and land in huge pile of sloppy mud.

What happens next determines what kind of lacrosse player you are. Are you the type of player that picks up the ball with your hand and cleans it off before you put it back in your pocket? Or do you scoop through all of the glorious mud and rocks and get back to playing catch? Frontier mesh is for the player that scoops through. If you want to hang your mesh on the wall or post Instagram pictures of how clean your stick is then Frontier Mesh might not be for you. Its like keeping a hunting dog inside a kennel in a studio apartment. Frontier Mesh is made to play.

_MG_0206-2Coming in at 24grams it’s among the lightest performance mesh pieces available anywhere in the world. Intricately woven with proprietary low stretch fabrics right here in the USA its tough, durable and certainly ready to take on a full season of hard-nosed lacrosse. When you combine the weave with the intense all-weather coating process you get a mesh piece that is texturized, pliable and has a hold that resists the urge to bag and releases smooth. We wanted a mesh that wasn’t springy and had grip that would allow the fastest shots possible on the run. Mesh pieces with stretch reduce the consistency of the pocket and creates a variable based on speed of release that we wanted to eliminate.

PackagingIn terms of the packaging we wanted make sure it matched the mesh.  We noticed a lot of the other mesh pieces out there come in elaborate and expensive boxes and bags.  All that does is drive up the price of the mesh for players and that approach goes against what we stand for.  So we focused on a minimalist design and an old time blue collar vibe to create the workingman’s mailer.  Cool because its different and fun because it works.  The workingman’s mailer echoes whats inside and really supports what Frontier Mesh stands for.

Through all of the reviews we’ve received from stringers around the world, the one common theme that each of them have brought up is the grip and hold of Frontier Mesh.

Because of the low stretch polyester, the weave pattern and the all-weather coating process — Frontier Mesh is pliable but substantial and retains its shape very well.  This is a dream for stringer’s because they can influence the pocket easily and sculpt it to their liking.  For players it means a more consistent channel, better hold for carrying the ball, and plenty of leverage when you’re shooting.

So bottomline, we are really proud of this piece and excited to make great mesh affordable for players around the world so they can quit worrying about their mesh and shift their focus to more important things — like scoring goals. Frontier Mesh is available in 7 different color options that were selected to match just about any team combination.


“Frontier Mesh is gritty, rugged and tough just like the players we make it for.” As always we aim to make the greatest products in the world that truly help make lacrosse players better.

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  1. great job on this one!! looks really nice can’t wait to get my hands on some, now just waiting for you to come out with your own strings and laces, and if I could guess it’s probably already in the works, nice color selection, and the names too, I’m sure Sam had a hand in that part.

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