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You run off the field with your teammates toward the locker room after a hard fought win. Everyone is hooting and hollering after a long week of scouting reports and film sessions were finally played out on the field with your team coming out on top in a big game. There is a moment once you are back in the locker room that seals the deal that your team just pulled off a win: the win song.

What is the first song that comes on in the locker room after your team wins?

Win songs are not just picked out of a playlist. Victory songs are found when you least expect it. Think of the St. Louis Blues’ recent Stanley Cup run and their win song “Gloria” or when Maryland won the National Championship in 2017 with “Money For Nothing” blasting after their games. Those teams stumbled upon those songs while at a bar or just driving in the car and then they just always seem to come on in the locker room as everybody sings along. A win song is one that everybody learns to love and fits the personality of the team. Every year the win song might change as the team itself changes with players leaving or new ones coming in.

We would have a new win song every season when I played at Canisius that we would not play until we won our game that week. Some seasons wins were hard to come by so when we did win having “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” or “Dancing in the Moonlight” come on was special. When we won the MAAC Championship in 2018, “The Middle” was playing as we ran on the field at Monmouth and threw our equipment in the air. That song will always remind me of that winning feeling and that special team. Everytime I hear one of those songs now it takes me back to those moments in our locker room or the visiting locker room at Siena, Binghamton, or Detroit Mercy when you could finally celebrate with your teammates as you sing and dance because in that moment everything is perfect.

During the NCAA and pro lacrosse seasons every year we get to see teams celebrating to their own win songs with Virginia being the last team able to play their win song “Rock and Roll Part 2” this college season.

The Buffalo Bandits had a great run to the NLL Finals and won 16 games this season. After every one of their wins they played “Grove St. Party” in the locker room with Dhane Smith holding the speaker up and everyone going crazy.

Hofstra always has great celebrations after their wins and back in 2017 they celebrated with “Right Back Where We Started From” as their win song after beating Stony Brook.

Duke opted for “Old Town Road” after their big overtime win against Notre Dame in the NCAA Quarterfinals with Head Coach John Danowski getting in on the celebration too.

With the MLL, WPLL, PLL, box lacrosse, and summer club teams all starting up I am sure we will get to see even more win songs throughout the summer as teams find their identities and celebrate their wins with their chosen songs.

What is your team’s win song?

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